How to Create Problem For Your Network Marketing Prospect

Usually when you fact find your prospect, you will find a problem or two in the conversation. However, these problems may or may not be critical or problem that they want to solve immediately. Thus, sometimes you will hear the following,

“I have no money.”

“I have no time to do it.”

“I’m not cut out to do all these.”

“My spouse does not allow me to do these network stuff.”

There a saying in our industry – If one want it hard enough, they will find money or time to do it. But why does these objection keep coming up?

Answer: The problem/need/wants that you uncover are not their real intention.

There are many ways to get to their inner intentions like asking the RIGHT question. The way that you phrase that question is important too. Make it in such a way that you are not interrogating a criminal. Ask a question that makes them think real hard, like when they want to retire and how much do they plan to retire on (monthly). Help them to get there.

If they can’t, there is a big problem here.

The problem created by prospect themselves is much better than we create or let them see what we see. Thus, now they have a problem and they can see in their future that current situation can’t them there. This is the time you propose what ever solution you have and the prospect will willing to see.

After all, this is their problem and they want to solve it.

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