How to Find People on LinkedIn For Your Network Marketing Business

LinkedIn is the most under utilising social media platform to reach out to people when it comes to network marketing. Most of the time, networker either use it wrongly or not using it. But for those who are using it claims that they have result from.

Personally, I use both Facebook and LinkedIn to locate new people to build my network marketing business. Both platforms are unique. If you use what work on Facebook, might not work on LinkedIn and vice versa. Facebook is more of a social platform while LinkedIn is more of a professional networking place.

So, the very first step in LinkedIn is to dress up your profile and insert your current and past employment. Do not put in your network marketing name or product because you don’t want them to look up what on search engine. You control what they see.

Next, you need to know your target audience. The one way I love is to know your team mate, your team leader or your top earner occupation that would be best because you can share with them in your conversation that you work with people in their occupation.  And, I’ve made a quick video on how to find people on LinkedIn for your network marketing business.

Hope that this post help you overcome the first hurdle of locating people to connect with

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