How to Get a Yes Decision From Prospect

In this short post, you will learn the art to get a yes decision from prospect.

Do you know that people make decision before seeing what you have to offer?

Picture this:- 

You pick up a call and realised it’s from telemarketer, and before they have the chance to share what they have, most people would have put down the phone.

There and then, people have already make up their mind not to engage with the telemarketer, no matter how relevant their product or services are to the one they are calling. 

So, how would you do to get a yes decision from prospect to at least get an appointment?

3 thoughts on “How to Get a Yes Decision From Prospect”

  1. Wow different way of looking at things! Your post is a deep one and had me thinking how best I could get a yes decision from my prospect without using methods that I’m uncomfortable with. Great post. Keep it coming.

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