How to Let Your Prospect to Know Like and Trust You Fast in 3 Stages

There’s an old saying ” People only work or buy from someone who they know like and trust.” – sometimes known as relationship marketing.

This is so truth in network marketing, direct sales or wechat ecommerce.

In this article, you will learn the context behind and how to have this work for you.

know like and trust

Know Like And Trust – The Know

In our modern age, we are being constantly bombarded with spam emails and many other personal emails.

Not to mention, your prospect may be looking at other work from home opportunities or home based internet opportunities.

So your main task is to call them up to touch base with them.

This is the same call that you would normally call when you are working in your day job.

For example, in your day job, you would normally call someone else at the other company up to introduce yourself and the purpose.

In our first call we made is to tell our prospect who we are and purpose of our calling. You may want to ask  a few questions about their work or other questions that can lead to your second call.

After a brief introduction and this should take about 2 minutes or less, I usually did it in about 2 minutes.

Then make sure that they know who you are and ask them to take some form of action and that you will call them back in X amount of days.

Know Like and Trust – The Like

Now that they know you, it’s time for them to like you. The main reason why many networkers failed to be liked by their prospect is that they failed to listen to their prospect.

This can be done by asking the correct question. You can ask a single question that will make your prospect to say everything that you need to know.

Once that happens, you then proceed to empathize with them.

In this way, you form and build a relationship with them.

This relationship is priceless.

Not only that, they had come to like you because they know you care for them.

Know Like and Trust – The Trust

Now that you know who your prospect is and have established a connection and relationship, it’s time to move in for the trust.

Trust here is very subjective.

You need to experience it.

Nevertheless, once you feel that your prospect have that trust on you, you can now then align your primary business to them.

Emphasizing what they need or want to your primary business.

We are solution provider

Once that done, they may become your new member. Remember though, not all will become your member.

But bear that in mind, you have built a relationship with them. One day, they may come back to you when the time is right.

In the meantime, ask them for a referral. It’s word of mouth marketing at its best.

Hope that this helps clear the hype about people saying how to let your prospect Know, Like and Trust You.

3 thoughts on “How to Let Your Prospect to Know Like and Trust You Fast in 3 Stages”

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    I found you while searching on how to let my prospect know like and trust me. You have taken out the hype and lay out an actionable plan. Good work!

  2. begin by liking and trusting others in the first place. we must have a genuine interest in others..the rest will follow naturally…

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