How To Pick Hot Affiliate Program That Sell

This topic comes up when I was in a popular marketing forum today. I saw many people asking a variant of questions, but their main purpose or aim, so to speak is to know how to pick a red hot affiliate program that sells.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that hot product will surely sell by itself – provided that we do pre-sell effectively. However, many newbie or newcomer who come into affiliate marketing, they tend to find something either very popular or they “heard” others affiliate marketers saying that ABC or XYZ products convert. Well, that is not totally wrong. However, if you know how to market that super hot product, you may well earn some commission.

But if you are not? Well, $0 in your clickbank account.

So what is the best possible solution in picking hot affiliate that sells?

There are many ways, but only way that will help pre determine whether that product that you want to promote sells – and that is, research.

This is not the kind research that I’m talking about. It is the kind of research that you will want to do prior promoting. In other words, you need to see if there are money made in the niche and is there any trend for the product and which type of buyer are interested in the product you promoting.

On top of that, you may also want to see if you can promote the product using various angle.

With that being said, this is the 3 ways that I usually go about before starting to promote a product.

1) Pick a product from click bank with >50 gravity.

2) Go to Google Insight to see if the product is rising.

3) Think about how many people will benefit from the product that you promote.

That’s about it.

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