How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

There are many good tips, strategies and method online showing you how to recruit for network marketing on Facebook. However, in this quick post, you will learn a simple concept for recruiting because we are in a relationship business. Eventually, we will be talking to another human being and human have emotions.

So, by learning the concept will allows you to better equip yourself with and be able to duplicate throughout your team.

Let’s get started.

People buy either for pain or pleasure.

And in business, if you can solve your marketplace problem, your business will thrive. Put that into network marketing perspective, you are your prospect solution. You are there to solve their problem and if you can uncover their pain, chances are that you are able to position your products, services or opportunity to them.

Whether they want to buy, it’s a different story and we can’t control that either.

So, how do we uncover their pain and have them take a look at what we can help them?


Simply by asking them question.

If you yet know, people love talking about themselves. That their favourite radio channel. So simply by asking them question about themselves makes them open up and engage in a conversation. Remember that we want a conversation not a pitch.

By asking questions that you normally would for strangers you met in networking session or new friends in a casual meetup.

Questions like these will help you uncover who they really are behind their Facebook profile.

After several exchanges, and you have uncover their problem, one of the key question to ask that can make you stand out among the crowd  is “So, just curious, have you plan on doing something about it?” This question alone will put you into their mind because the feel that you sincerely care for them. (and i hope you really do)

After hearing their response to that question, you can then decide if you want to invite them to see your product/service/opportunity.

So there you have it. Now that you learn the concept on “How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook“, you can use any methods, tips or strategy you find online and apply.

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