How to Select a Network Marketing Company in Singapore

Chances are you are reading this post shows that you are either researching on network marketing profession or searching on how to select a network marketing company in Singapore to partner up with.

Either way, congratulations to you!

In this mega post, I will share in my opinion the 5 pillars on selecting a network marketing company in Singapore to partner up with. So let’s get started, shall we.

Pillar 1 – Team Support and Skills

You maybe wondering why we are talking about team support and skills in the first place and not the company and product?

Well, traditionally, people are looking into company and product initially. But as time goes by, network marketing companies evolve, rules and regulations are in place and most good network marketing companies are doing a pretty decent job. So with that out of the way, team and support is perhaps the #1 factor you need to consider.

What good about a company when you join a team that don’t support you? Do not make sense, isn’t it? You may want to consider asking tough question about support like, what kind of support they have and not have in assisting you in building your network marketing business. Or do they provide online or offline support or both?

As for the team, don’t be surprise that the person whom approach you have less than 10 people on board his or her team. Look at their desire, are they hungry for success? Are they walking the talk? Don’t let that number put you off because you will also start off as 1 person when you join under a team. People may or may not ask you how big your team is. Although your team will be growing, don’t forget that you will also be part of a bigger team or family. You can ask the person who introduce you, how big is overall team size.

In any profession, skills are needed and network marketing is the same. If you want to be successful in this profession, you will need to learn skills. Some of the key skills for someone to learn who just get started in this industry are prospecting and signing people up as distributors or customers.

Pillar 2 – Company

Network marketing is a profession whereby it does not requires your qualification or experience to get started. Hence, most people starts out equal and can succeed in almost every good companies out there. If there is one question you will ask, is this, does the company resonate with you? Meaning, do you like the culture or the way they handle thing? How long the company is in the industry is really not that important because a young company can have more sales than a relatively older company. Does that means they are being known?

So, if you are looking at that sweet spot of a company, you can search for company that is between 6 to 12 years old. Because in business point of view, this is typically where the growth happen.

Pillar 3 – Products

Good network marketing company emphasis more on their products. You need to step out of the network marketing angle and look at two views, 1st from a customer point of view, 2nd from a business owner point of view. Now why is that so, by doing this, you can draw your own conclusion. Some question to guide you along in case you need it.

From a customer point of view, ask yourself, if this product is not within the network, would you buy and is it reasonably priced?

From a business owner point of view, ask yourself, does this product provide value to the marketplace? Meaning does it solve the need or gap in the marketplace? Is this a trend or long term?

If you haven’t noticed yet, the competition element in product is left out in this pillar. The reason being is that, 1st, good network marketing company product are usually top notch and there is no doubt that their product are much superior than the one you usually buy over the counter. 2nd, since you have chosen network marketing as a profession (i hope you do), why compare products from within the same profession when you know that the product or services that you are going to be ambassador with might potentially benefit the marketplace?

Pillar 4 – System

In case you are new, duplication in network marketing is important in building a business. See, in network marketing, a good team or upline or leader “teach you how to teach others” and not teach you how to sell something (even though there a little sales elements are in there). Why is that they want to “teach you how to teach others”?

Imagine, most people who joined network marketing isn’t trained in sales, marketing or have any experience running business, so there is a need for a system that is simple to execute that anyone whom join with no experience can start leveraging on.

Pillar 5 – You

This is our last pillar in how to select a network marketing company in Singapore. This is THE most important pillar. Before you join any network marketing companies, ask yourself why you want to join? What is it that you want to get out of from the network marketing profession or company? Then the moment you join, learn the skill and work your butt off to be reach your goal. It will be challenging but it’s worth it.

Network marketing is the lowest risk, lowest overhead to start a home business that could turn into an empire or a lifestyle for the many which will in turn impact mankind while some uses network marketing as a stepping stone to their entrepreneur success.

Either way you see it fit, welcome to network marketing.

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