How to Sell Network Marketing Skincare Products 2021 Edition

sell network marketing skincare products

Everybody knows customers are the lifeblood of any businesses and even more so in network marketing.

However, most distributors are clueless on how to sell network marketing skincare products more effectively. This post is written to address that.

Note: Though this post is about selling skincare products inside network marketing, it’s principle applies to retailing other products and services also.

So let’s begin.

How to Sell Network Marketing Skincare Products

There’s an old saying that says ” put ourselves in customer shoes.”

This is so true in retailing any products.

Now, we have to step inside our customer head and think like them.

Before we do that, we also need to ask ourselves this question which most people don’t

“Do we wake up everyday credit in hand wanting to buy skincare product?”

Most likely is a no.

When we embrace that, selling network marketing skincare products is relatively simple.

Now the next step is to understand where our potential customers are at – meaning to meet them at where they are at in their buying journey.

Here’s how most customers buying journey is like.

Network Marketing Funnel (customer journey)

They can be broadly classified into three stages namely

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

Let’s explore each stages and how to specifically write to attract them.

Stage 1 – Awareness
How to Sell Network Marketing Skincare Products

During this stage, the customer may have some problems already.

They are aware of their problem but don’t know what kind of solution is best for them yet.

Here you will need to do research on what kind of problem your product can solve.

Do note that, during this stage, they are not ready to buy as they are just “Window Shopping”.

Here are some network marketing skincare words you can use to capture their attention.

  • Want your skin to look like 18 years younger?
  • Always wanted to keep that wrinkles away?
  • Make us look like my younger sister.
  • Want that bouncy feel again?
  • Feel so good touching our skin.

Stage 2 – Consideration
How to Sell Network Marketing Skincare Products

In this stage, they are aware of their problem and want to solve them. But they don’t know which product best suits them.

During this stage, they will go online to compare, read review and research.

You will need to do more by presenting testimonials, stories, facts and information to cater to different type of buyers.

In short, you will need to give them the confidence of buying your network marketing skincare products really help them.

One of the mistake that most network marketers made is to bombard the potential customer tons and tons of testimonials and stories.

This may work 10, 20 years back.

But we are in the information age and customers are much savvy.

If you do that, you are guarantee not making any sales online or offline

Regardless how you acquire the customer, just service your customer the way you want others to service you.

Here are some sentence and words for skincare you can use to guide your customer to the next stage in the buying journey.

  • Understand your problem and here’s the full range of skin care product our customer always buy. But for your case, this X product will do.
  • I would suggest you to take this because……
  • Well, you know how cheap skincare products makes our skin suffered, that’s why this premium range don’t because….

Here is a post that you can read to how to write effective network marketing ads.

Stage 2 – Decision
How to Sell Network Marketing Skincare Products

This is the stage where the transaction take place.

Most people will target this segment as it’s the fastest way and because of that, this stage is saturated already.

To really stand out, you will need to put on creative thinking hat and have at least some marketing budget to go head to head with others.

If you follow the network marketing buyer journey stage shown above, you will find that you can acquire that customer far more easier.

The key is sincerely understand your customer problem and service them better than others will,

This action alone will bring you fringed benefit that leads to 2 most profitable actions:

  1. Repeat sales
  2. Referrals

These are two very important elements in any business but in network marketing, they have the ultimate leverage because of how it is structured.

Imagine if your customer find your service is good, they start referring more customers to you. This way, your effort building your network marketing is halved.

Because there is trust already, all you need is to carry on service your customer.


Hopefully, by now you know how to sell network marketing skincare products that not only gives your network marketing business repeat sales but also referral.

Instead of potential customer perceiving us as a salesperson because they don’t understand how network marketing works in the first place, why not, let them see us as a problem-solver?

How do we change how our customer see ourselves?

By changing their perspective. People are reactive.

As long as we carry ourselves professionally, meet them at where they are at in their buying journey and service them, we can instantly change our results.

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  1. i Always knew there’s a way to retail
    More products online. My team teaches talking to people to sell product which to me is okay but always wanting to leverage on technology to sell more. Glad to have stumble upon your site Jeffrey.

  2. Superb article! This is one of the best network marketing article I’ve come across. You have gone one step to step away from network marketing point of view to a business approach. Very well written.

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