How to Set Network Marketing Goals

There are many posts and articles talking how to set network marketing goals and knowing your why. While these are important, what they didn’t touch on is this key question.

Can we control others?

What have controlling others got to do with setting network marketing goals and knowing our why.

The answer is if we know then we can execute the right actions to reach our goals.

Now, most people know that we can’t control others but we can control our own actions.

That’s why most goal setting exercise fall short because it all about measuring our success by the action of other people which means, most set their goal of a particular outcome.

That’s usually “i want to sign up X number people this week” , or, “i want to sell X number of packages this week.”.

Do this instead.

Set goals not based on the outcome but the process.

Process is something we can fine tune over time and have full control over it.

When we have full control over, we have predictability which means we can do more or less of a particular action.

So, instead of setting outcome based goals where it’s not 100% in our control, set process based goals like “i will connect with X people a week.” or “i will talk to X people online this week.” or “i will follow up X people that i connect with last week.”

This will move your business gradually but surely.

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  1. You know what, it makes total sense! No wonder I myself struggle with goal setting. I’ll follow your steps to make my 2020 goal.

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