How to Start a 90 Days Blitz

In network marketing, it is better to do fast than slow. It is not slow and steady win the race. You have to do it fast and super focus on the activities that generate income and move your business forward. Whether you are new or already with a group, you can start the 90 days blitz.

Just like any kind of business, you need a business plan to keep you on track and the 90 days is exactly your own network marketing business plan. 90 days is a fast track to success business plan where 100% focus and effort have to put in to make it work. Just imagine, that on the 91 days, you are free. How good the feeling is?

Here are some revenue producing activities (RPA) that you need in your 90 days blitz:-

– arrange a few leaders or upline that can support you
– prospecting (online or offline or both)
– using tools
– scheduling follow up
– invitation to webinars or office
– 3 ways call

Start a routine

You have to start a daily routine that you can follow. A sample set of routine is to get leads, contact them, follow up, enroll them and lastly start them right. Remember that this is still a numbers game. So, sort through fast and focus only to the people that you connect with that are open to what you have to offer them.

Lastly, remember that your actions determine your result. Your WHY will see you through this 90 days blitz. 

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