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If you are looking at how to succeed in your current network marketing company, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn the number 1 method to succeed in Network Marketing Singapore business.

Now, while motivation, determination and goal settings are great, they serve little purpose in succeeding in your network marketing business.

Here’s why.

Will you prospect join you if you are motivated?

Will your customers buy from you just because you have that determination?

Or, if ever goal setting can help to reach to our goal, then that would be great.

However, as we already know that while these are good, they are not the main key factors in helping you succeed in your business.

Now, then what is needed to succeed?

Let me share with you a short story.

Imagine, if you are going to the dentist. The dentist told you that don’t worry, they just graduated. They have a lot of motivation, determination and have their goal set. But they don’t have the skill to perform just yet. Would you still go ahead?

Now, how about this. If a pilot say over the PA system that they have all the motivation, determination and goal set without any skill yet, would you even dare to take the plane? No right.

By now, hopefully, you will see some common theme here. If a network marketer doesn’t have the necessary skillset, would you agree that, it doesn’t matter how great their motivation, determantion are. The prospect actually don’t care.

What they really care about is how will the person talking to understand them.

Make sense?

Let’s learn some quick skillset, shall we?

Network Marketing Singapore Skillset #1 – Connect

As a network marketer, you get paid by moving products. Not by posting on social media. So connecting with your target audience is important here. You will need to know who is your target audience. In my social networker coaching program, network marketers are trained to find their own target audience.

What that means is, certain audiences will get attracted by different personality. While we belong to the same company, the person that you connect with will be different from me.

Pro tip: The fastest way to connect with others is to first look at your current occupation. If you are an accountant, look for people who are in the same occupation like you. You will have common topics to talk about. That is the starting point.

Network Marketing Singapore Skillset #2 – Convert

Our next skillset to learn is Convert.

After connecting with your audience, you will need to convert them. Now before you think of converting them is to close or sign them up, then you are wrong.

Converting them here means, gently push or nudge them in the direction you want them to be.

Maybe during the conversation, you found out that they can use some extra income. You can invite them to your zoom where they can learn about how to make extra income. If during the conversation, you found out that they have some ailments that your products can help. You can either show them your product information or invite them to your zoom webinar.

Pro tip: The act of convert here means to move them from a cold prospect to luke warm. Where they can have more information to make an informed decision.

Network Marketing Singapore Skillset #3 – Close

At this stage, your prospect already have the necessary information already. They will either proceed with you or not. This is the section where you should not push them hard. Instead, ask them a few questions that will point or guide them.

If you have done your homework right during the Connect and Convert stage, this stage is simply ask them if what they see able to help them.

For example, if you are inviting them to your network marketing Singapore zoom webinar, you can ask them if this is something they can look forward to doing? My favourite is, which one is easier? Following our XYZ system to earn $X amount which will be an extra $XX in one year or continue carry on what you currently doing?

Now, you must be clear that, there is no one fixed way of doing closing. Some do hard closing, while some not. Find your own style of closing. You also must know that, the buying decision lies in your prospect and not you. They have a choice. What you did is just to give them an additional choice in their life.

This principal applies for product as well. Prospect have many product choices. They may like the information your presented but they might prefer buying products that have similar or almost similar as your products in the shopping mall.

The last thing you want to do is to try to twist to make sure they buy or sign up. This act alone will come back to hunt you.

Pro tip: Now prospect have choices. They can select whatever choice they feel is best for them. You job is to give them that additional choice and let them choose. The more transparent and clear in your closing communication to them, the higher the chance they feel more confident in you to take up what you offer to them.


As you can see, if we take out the above 3 skillsets, what are our chances of succeeding in network marketing singapore business? Probably none. Learn the skillset and your love ones will thank you for that.

If you are interested in getting professional onboard your team, I’ve written a book for network marketers which is Prospecting Secrets For Network Marketers LinkedIn Edition. It is available in kindle and physical format.

12 thoughts on “How To Succeed In Network Marketing Singapore”

  1. Hi Jeffrey, I’m a networker in singapore. Your post gives me a lot of insights as I’m new to all these. Keep up the good work and I’ve email you through your contact form. Hope to get in touch with you to have you coach me.

  2. Hi Jeffrey, I stumbled upon when i’m researching for local people who post on network marketing. I’m glad to have found your blog and can’t agree more on the 5 elements you mention in your blog. Keep it up. Hope to see you in the near future.

  3. Thanks Jeffrey! I was searching for network marketing in Singapore and stumble upon your article. I especially like the last point where you pointed out that would I buy the product if I’m not in network marketing. That really says a lot. Keep the blog going. You seem like to know about network marketing.

  4. hi Jeffrey,

    I chanced upon your blog. Thanks for the advise. Just getting tired of corporate work and looking into Network marketing as a 2nd career.


  5. Hi Jeffrey thanks for this write up. Its useful and it made me want to explore more of this industry as a whole.

  6. Hi Jeffrey,

    Looks that you really know your way around network marketing, found your blog, by doing some research on looking for people in Singapore for this type of business. And for what I have read on your post, the company I want to introduce to you has all of this important points and got them cover, the most important issue in network marketing is the education and support the company can offer. So if your interested in talking or be willing for me to send you some information about the company and product, contact me this is my email : This just might be a great opportunity to build a great and solid income and taking advantage of the momentum. take care. Hope to hear from you.

  7. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for sharing what to look out for in choosing a network marketing company in Singapore.

    Keep those post coming


  8. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for dropping by and glad that you find the article helpful. You have also pin point out the most important point that getting the attitude right! This is by far the most important element in everything we do and in our profession, attitude counts a lot.

    Brian, do drop by often and looking forward to your insightful comments.


  9. Hi Jeffrey,

    A great article I must say and I enjoyed reading it. You seem to know the network marketing industry very well. I agree that you need to find a strong team to work with who will show you the system.

    To add my 5c worth. You also need to get your attitude right, have determination and stick with it. There will be plenty of rejection and you will get discouraged at times but keep your chin up, stay positive and just keep going.


  10. Hi Jeffrey, nice post! I strongly believe that teamwork, system and training are the most important if you want your team to grow.

    I see that you have a good system, training and teamwork in place for your team.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best!


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