How to Succeed in Network Marketing Singapore

There are so many network marketing companies in Singapore. However, not all companies are build equal and not all products are the same. You may get tired of listening to network marketing or mlm companies selling super ninja drinks that claims that drink will help you to recover or have special benefit.

Different View

But if we look at business side of it, there are so many spa, slimming saloon and coffee shop around the island. Have you question yourself why? You may argue that coffee shops are there because they serve a need and that need is we human need something to eat, while spa and slimming saloons are there to service people who want to look younger and prettier.

But have you not think why most network marketing are in health and wellness industry and most of them have some form of healthy drink? If you do not know, I’ll tell you why. It is because, these companies know that there is a need in the health and wellness industry so they come in and fill the need. Likewise like spa and slimming saloon, if there is no need or not lucrative enough, will you think the owner will open chain store island wide. Will some small time operator open their business in your neighborhood?

As you probably now understand why most successful network marketing companies are in health and wellness industry, let’s us see how you can succeed in network marketing Singapore. There are many factors that will determine the success or failure in your network marketing career.

The followings are the factors that will greatly impact your success.

1) Teamwork – You must find a team that is committed to your success and that they will work as a team. Most of the team will say to you prior joining that they are working as a team. But I advise you to do your own homework first.

2) System – We are now in the internet era and thus, most of our prospect will be online. Therefore, it is important to find a team that has a system that will help you online. Without it, you are going to fight a uphill battle in your network marketing career.

3) Training – Training is what you need to learn the rope in this industry. Proper training will speed up your process but join a team that walk the talk.

4) Company – You need to find a company that is neither too young or too old. Why I say this? If you join a company that is too old, chances are a lot of people will have already know that company. If you join the company that is too young, you run the risk that company will shut down. So what is the ideal time? There is no ideal time but look to company that is on the rising trend.

5) Products – This is a very controversial topic. In my opinion, choose a product that is reasonably price and benefit people as well. You have to ask yourself, if I do not join the network marketing company, can this product still be consume by me? If the answer is yes, then you got yourself a winning product.

With that being said there are many network marketing companies in Singapore. If you are looking for one, you can kick start you search by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “How to Succeed in Network Marketing Singapore”

  1. Hi Jeffrey, I’m a networker in singapore. Your post gives me a lot of insights as I’m new to all these. Keep up the good work and I’ve email you through your contact form. Hope to get in touch with you to have you coach me.

  2. Hi Jeffrey, I stumbled upon when i’m researching for local people who post on network marketing. I’m glad to have found your blog and can’t agree more on the 5 elements you mention in your blog. Keep it up. Hope to see you in the near future.

  3. Thanks Jeffrey! I was searching for network marketing in Singapore and stumble upon your article. I especially like the last point where you pointed out that would I buy the product if I’m not in network marketing. That really says a lot. Keep the blog going. You seem like to know about network marketing.

  4. hi Jeffrey,

    I chanced upon your blog. Thanks for the advise. Just getting tired of corporate work and looking into Network marketing as a 2nd career.


  5. Hi Jeffrey thanks for this write up. Its useful and it made me want to explore more of this industry as a whole.

  6. Hi Jeffrey,

    Looks that you really know your way around network marketing, found your blog, by doing some research on looking for people in Singapore for this type of business. And for what I have read on your post, the company I want to introduce to you has all of this important points and got them cover, the most important issue in network marketing is the education and support the company can offer. So if your interested in talking or be willing for me to send you some information about the company and product, contact me this is my email : This just might be a great opportunity to build a great and solid income and taking advantage of the momentum. take care. Hope to hear from you.

  7. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for sharing what to look out for in choosing a network marketing company in Singapore.

    Keep those post coming


  8. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for dropping by and glad that you find the article helpful. You have also pin point out the most important point that getting the attitude right! This is by far the most important element in everything we do and in our profession, attitude counts a lot.

    Brian, do drop by often and looking forward to your insightful comments.


  9. Hi Jeffrey,

    A great article I must say and I enjoyed reading it. You seem to know the network marketing industry very well. I agree that you need to find a strong team to work with who will show you the system.

    To add my 5c worth. You also need to get your attitude right, have determination and stick with it. There will be plenty of rejection and you will get discouraged at times but keep your chin up, stay positive and just keep going.


  10. Hi Jeffrey, nice post! I strongly believe that teamwork, system and training are the most important if you want your team to grow.

    I see that you have a good system, training and teamwork in place for your team.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best!


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