How to Write Powerful Recruiting Ads for Network Marketing

If you are looking for inspiration on how to write recruiting ads for network marketing, you have come to the right place.

See, as a network marketer, you know for a fact that either from building relationship with your prospect, you need to keep your pipeline full, so you can share your network marketing business or opportunity to them.

As internet becoming more mature, we as network marketers understand the power of internet.

To me, it is the perfect marriage of both.

We can use internet to find laser targeted leads or prospect that we want to share or exposed our business to. However, there this problem :-

1) If  networkers comes in and want to use internet to advertise their business, they do not know how.

2) If a total newbie networker who comes in and want to advertise both online and offline, most likely they do not know how either.

So, how do you solve this teething problem and at the same time learn how to teach your team member to do it? Well, the solution is to learn right here in the blog post where I will share how you can write result pulling recruiting ads for network marketing. This type of ad will attract your prospect to fill in the form.

Below shows my past month of writing recruiting ads for my primary network marketing business. All these leads are acquire for free online.

recruiting ads for network marketing

As you can see from above, the results that I’ve gotten from the ads is 38 leads. I never pay any single cents to have these leads coming.

I know some savvy network marketers will have far more better results than me. As a matter of fact, there are two type of network marketers

1) those who know how to do but do not know how to teach

2) those who do and teach at the same time.

I belong to the latter and I’m going to show you how to write these kind of ads that will give you the same results that I’m having.

Recruiting Ads For Network Marketing

Let get started

First thing first, you have to know what you can offer to help them. Often time, I see ads that I know is being posted by some amateur network marketers from a distance.

They follow the crowd like Ground Floor Opportunity, Start Up Company Need Leaders, New Compensation Plan that Makes You Wealthy in 3 Months.

I think you have had enough of these ads. I can’t deny that these ads do grab attention but the conversion rate at the backend is not as high as what you think so.

So what does you can help them?

Help here refers to SOLUTION.

You may think of financial freedom, dream, be your own boss but heck, these are all what we know and if you are targeting business opportunity people, they will know for sure that these are just another type of ads that they seen countless of time.

That is why, you may be wondering why you can’t achieve the results you want when your upline says “go put some classified ads”. So get to know what you can offer and structure your ads around it.

The next step

Next, you must go inside the head of your prospect.

This is a bit tough for many network marketers when they are first starting out putting classified ads. The ads that bring me more results than other ads that I putting out is by “getting inside my prospect head”.

Its like talking to them the thing they want.

For example, if you are hungry and you crave for a plate of fried chicken wings which say yummy. Your ads may be written in such

Yummy Chicken Wings to Fill Your Stomach

So if you are hungry and thinking of eating chicken wing, will you go to that restaurant to eat? Most probably you will. While, I see a lot of network marketers putting out their ads that say like this,

Come eat my chicken wings, it the best in town

So does the above ad really talk to you?

I like to write ads that pass my own simple test.

I call it the SO WHAT test.

What I usually do is (and you can do that too), after writing that ad headline, I will repeat to myself and end with SO WHAT? If it pass my SO WHAT test, I will go with that ads and do split testing.

Split Test Your Recruiting Ads

There is one golden rule that you will want to take note of.

There is no one ad that rule them all. You will need to split test the ad. What that means is you going to write two different recruiting ads for network marketing business. Then let the result show which ads pull in more leads.

Do you know that by split testing, you can know exactly which ads are giving you the best results? Simply changing a word on your ads can either increase or decrease the number of respondents.

The Missing Puzzle

The last component of writing recruiting ads for network marketing business is to write ads that interest your prospect.

Write you headline that interest them and get their attention. More often than not, I see boring headline like, You Can Earn $1200 per Month using XXXX. This arouses prospect interest but when reality sets in (which is sometimes very fast for certain prospect), they will just hit the back button and continue to find other ads.

So take your time to crave your recruiting ads. For me, I don’t use a lot of variation of ads, neither do I write a lot of ads, till date ever since I started my primary business last september, I only wrote 6 ads and is these 6 ads that I use continually to have that kind of results that you see above. And I only use 2 ads at any one point to get leads.

If you are going to be a professional network marketer, you have to think, work and behave like one. Separate yourself from other network marketers and you will find yourself getting the results.

Let me know what you think and leave your comment below and I will answer to your personally.

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