I Am Officially an Online MLM Success Coach (Top 3 Rankings)

Today, I’m officially an Online MLM Success Coach and I’m ranking 3rd in Google.com. So what does this means to you – network marketer?

Well, let’s us see it this way, we know for sure that we need to brand ourselves online or offline right? So we need to find something that we feel comfortable and start working towards our own branding.

Now, imagine, your prospect want to join an online mlm success coach and he or she went to google and start typing in online mlm success coach. What did he see? He saw my site sitting on position 3. And a survey shows that, searchers will trust more for top 3 placing ranking in Google than anything else.

So that leads us to authority. They find my site as an authority and decide to get to know me more. He may call me, email me or just follow me to see what I’m up to. This is attraction marketing + SEO at its best!

Did you see how powerful it is? Now I’m also rank on first page with the keyword MLM Success Coach.

So, as you can see, I rank for both terms that may bring me in targeted network marketers.

If you are a fun loving guy or gal who like to earn extra income and build a success network marketing business, fill in the application form here.

I’ll get back in touch with you soon after I personally look through all your application form.

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