I Do Not Understand Why Am I Not Earning in Network Marketing

Have you ever wonder why you did not earn a single cents in your network marketing business?

Or have you ever wonder why your uplines are earning that much yet you still could not even hit that Return on Investment (ROI).

Is it you are not cut out to do it? Or do you think that nobody will buy into what you are promoting? Or even you are not good at sales?

Well, I can tell you straight up front that all these does not matters. What really matters is you. How you carry yourself, simply put, your posture. If you had not heard about party story, let me tell you.

See, there are these two person whom are best friends, Peter and Paul. Peter  invited Paul to his party bash and Peter being a network marketer is  excited because he know for a fact that he can meet a lot of people (but at the back of your mind, Peter treat them as prospect). So what Peter does is to wear very nice with suite and tie. He carry name cards and brochures.

When he reached, he walk over to Paul and Paul is delighted to see him. He then introduce Peter to his other friends and associates. But Peter is so thick skinned that he starts talking how great his network marketing company is, how great is his comp plan is and how wonderful is it the time to jump in now.

Guess what?

For the rest of the night, Peter was alone by himself. Even Paul leave him alone.

So what does this story tell you?

Be a professional network marketer. Build relationship with people. Get to know them. When they know about you and begin to like and trust you, then, only then are you able to share or expose your business to them. If one is being unprofessional, not only he will not earn in network marketing, he will also lose friends quicker than he or she can imagine.

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