I Made A Mistake

Yup..I’ve made a terrible mistake in my internet network marketing career.

You see, I’m been following this prospect for quite sometime already. He was in my marketing funnel and I had personally contact him through phone and he was keen to sign up to my primary business. However due to work, I totally neglect it. (I know I should not)

And when I call him back two days back, asking him to attend a webniar held by one of the trainer in our team, he told me this “Jeffrey, I had joined other network marketing company and that company is XXX.”

I was stunned!

I mean, 2 weeks of follow up just gone like that. And it is all my fault for not following closely enough and sign him up. Although both of us are still friends, I still feel that I should have done better.

Lesson Learnt

  • Follow up is important and to keep an eye on it
  • Proceed to sign if the prospect signal that they want in

Well, time to move on.

2 thoughts on “I Made A Mistake”

  1. Hi Kim,

    You made a great point here, foster and move on. We will be friends always and exchange industry information for as long as we are in this industry.

    Thanks once again, Kim for your comment and advice. May I wish you success in your business.


  2. It can be really hard to learn the hard way how closely we need to monitor prospects. The same is true of friendships. Many of us let other commitments get in the way of fostering all sorts of relationships and they can cost us both in business and professional outcomes. I’m sorry you lost the prospect but if you continue to foster the relationship (and not talk down on his other company) if things do not pan out there well for him you may yet retain him. Take good care of him anyways, keep the frienship and good things may come of it. You’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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