Information Overload Network Marketer – How to Avoid it

After talking to a lot of network marketers and also to those whom wanting to join our industry, I found out one common problem that is being brought from affiliate marketing to our industry and that is Information Overload.

Do you know what Information Overload Creates?

Information overload creates procrastination.

Information overload derail our success in this industry.

Information overload cause us to pursue the next big shiny thing.

Information overload creates self doubt.

Information overload simply put – is killing us.

However the good news is that we can avoid it – totally!  But this maybe hard for a lot of people. It requires a lot of strong self belief, mindset shift and understanding the simplicity within our industry.

As we know that in our industry we have 97% of failure and only 20% are earning 80% of the entire group money. So how one can actually move up the ladder, avoid information overload and get into that 20% group?

The answer is simple, Focus.

If your current team have some form of business or marketing training, focus on one. Maybe your team training teaches you the foundation of building a network marketing business, branding, marketing on facebook etc, focus on one and get good at it before moving on to the next.

Let say, you choose Facebook marketing as your first plan of attack, master it till you get results from it before moving on to other training that is available in your group training.

The truth is, don’t be jack of all trade and you will succeed none.

Although there is nothing wrong in chasing shiny object and get the hands on the latest techniques, but let’s go back to the past. A decade ago where there is no internet, old school network marketing still succeed but why people nowadays have to chase and buy those latest tips, techniques, tricks that will help them build their organization?

The truth is, the foundation of building a substantial network marketing business is not being taught correctly nowadays. It’s sad but is true.

Our integrity in this industry is getting lesser each day and is  marred by greed, shortcuts and lottery mindset presentation.

Ask yourself now

  1. Where do you stand now in your current network marketing career?
  2. Are you on route to success or heading back home?
  3. Are you really building and learning to build a real business that can help you in future or are you chasing down that lottery ticket?

Feel free to post your thoughts below and I promise I will answer individual comments. If you want to speak to me in private please use the form here.

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