Internet Network Marketing Form Optimisation Tips

As a network marketer, we can now leverage on internet and social networking sites to source for targeted leads. Unless you want to sell your network marketing products online (which I highly suggest you do too), chances are your main objectives online is to generate relevant leads for your primary business.

Depending how your marketing strategy, you may want your visitor to fill up a short form to request for a free report or ebook or a longer form so that you could called them or send them a more detail report.

Recently, I made a split test of a longer form and a shorter form for my primary business and I’m going to share with you the results I’m gotten from it.

Don’t Make Them Fill In A lot

You may probably have seen landing pages that only have emails and name field in them. Occasionally, you will see telephone field in them. These work best because it fulfilled the following successful form criteria:

1) KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet)

2) Lower barrier of entry for prospect to fill in

3) Easy for prospect to get what they want

However, it is best to test our conventional wisdom. You may have stumble upon some form from outside of internet and network marketing industry that want prospect or potential customer to fill a form that have a lot of fields like, have you own a business before, etc.

Depending on what is your marketing objectives, the problem with the shorter forms usually need more time to generate a response and most of them are usually freebies seekers. So rather than doing what most people do out there, why not test out a longer  form to see how the response goes. A sample form is shown below.

Why Ask For More?

As you can see from the above, 2 additional fields, Best time to call and Message are being added to the traditional form that we used to. By adding these 2 custom field in, we know when is the best time to call, as not every one want to be disturb during their dinner time or working time. With this field, they actually give you permission to call on them on the time they prefer.

With the message box field included, your prospect will give you  additional information that they want to know or want you to know about them.

This encourage interaction.

Therefore, before making your first contact to your prospect, you already know what they are looking for and this message can be an ice breaker for new network marketers.

Not Only That

You will potentially weed out those tired kickers as the main reason why is because, if people who took the time to fill in a much longer form, they want to know more about what you can offer to them or help them. In this way, you benefit from:

1) More qualified leads

2) More easy to respond to

3) You demonstrate professionalism

While your prospect benefit from:

1) Feel more safe to give out more information to you

2) You save them time when you respond to their enquiry over the phone

3) They know that you will be calling them at their time

4) They get a much more clearer picture as to what they want out of themselves and you

So as you can see from the above, there are so much benefits from just using a long form and by adding 2 fields that are relevant to both the network marketers and the prospect. As I’ve said earlier in this post, I had recently run a test on a short and long form. These 2 forms are run with the following cirterias

1) Same place that I put out my ads on

2) I did not change my ads wording, title and picture

3) I use the same call to action

4) My landing page is the same

5) Run the same number of days for each form

Below shows the short form VS long form results

So, the results above shows that I had 50% more subscribers than I have in the short form. And by using the long form, I know :-

1) Precisely what my prospects want even before I talk to them

2) I also know when is the best time to contact them

3) I minimize the chance of me entering their voice mail box

This also dispel the myth of having a shorter form that results in better opt in or subscription.


If you want to test out a longer form for your network marketing business, use only fields that are relevant to what you want and your prospect threshold of filling in.  Don’t make all fields a requirement and consider a 2nd best to call timing to call as an alternative.

Hopefully, by letting you see the results above will open up some ideas of having a longer form in future for your network marketing business. If you like to have these type of information to push to your Facebook wall, join me on my Jeffrey Chew Singapore Page.

3 thoughts on “Internet Network Marketing Form Optimisation Tips”

  1. Yeah, spilt testing is important. Really thank you for this article that I just know that I need to split test but don’t know where.

  2. Wooo! a really big difference in using short and long form. the difference is 2X, or 100%, and that’s alot. Now maybe 12 vs 24. But imagine comparing 100 vs 200 leads, a really big difference 🙂 i gonna learn more abt split testing!: )

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