Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Internet have leverage the playing field of network marketing and many other businesses. As we know, decades back, network marketing is build upon word of mouth and traditional marketing like, classified ads, newspaper advertising and chasing down friends and families members.

But not now.

Internet open more opportunities to network marketers to find leads and connect with strangers. I was once told by someone else that¬† online mlm is viable. My reaction at then is “HUH?” I mean, “come on, network marketing is a people business, how can we do it 100% online?”

I know some people had done that, but I urge you to look into it. Are they really running the real network marketing business or building a team? Or are they just putting up some system that sell only affiliate at the back end? System is good, but personal touch is better.

Although, we can put up capture pages or lead capture page, online classified or even Facebook ads, eventually, we need to say hello and meet your prospect or future potential business partner. So what I currently do now is to get leads online and close them offline.

I source the leads online for free, build relationship with them, but for the colder leads, I would usually call them up and take it from there. Now, if you are in network marketing, do not hide behind a computer and pretend that people will sign up if you put up your leads capture page.

It won’t happen. Period.

If you still have dreams, and understand the why you join your network marketing company/opportunity in the first place, pick up the phone to connect with people. Or, if you meet them on Facebook, find a time to meet them in person, to get to know more about them before introduce your opportunity. It’s really is up to you for you have chosen this route to financial freedom.

2 thoughts on “Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success”

  1. Jeffrey, I agree with what you say that internet have level the playing field. I am in my own primary business and have been prospecting online for a while now. It’s fun and I enjoy doing it.

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    Nice blog post and I would agree with you on picking up that phone and call people. Looking forward to see more blog posting from you.


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