Is Internet Marketing Equals to Making Money Online

Many people that come approach me asking me to teach them internet marketing, I’m flattered.

However, when I ask them what do they mean by internet marketing, they told me “Jeffrey, internet marketing is making money online.”

Well, that is not totally wrong, but many have this misconception of internet marketing is making money online – which is the incorrect mindset to start off with when you want to learn internet marketing. So many have been fed by newspaper advertisement, online sales pitch and hear-say that if you want to make money online learn internet marketing.

However, that is not such a case. In fact, internet marketing is way more than just earning money online.

And many failed to earn a passive income or at least a sustainable income from internet is that, they come into with the wrong mindset, like chasing system after system, buying courses after courses and going to seminars after seminars. Now, don’t get me wrong, doing these are good but if you do not have a clear mind of what you are doing, it will do you more harm than good.

So let me give you a scenario why internet marketing is more than making money online

Scenario 1

Picture this: You are an owner of a local brick and mortar florist shop. You have been enjoying good sales offline where your hardworking salesman are bringing you sales everyday. But eventually you think that you need to expand your business to other states or countries. You know internet is the best way to go. Thus, you probably read up some internet marketing books and mingle around internet marketing forums.

After that, you might want to engage a internet marketing consultant to map out an internet marketing plan for your business. So, eventually, you want to set up an e-commerce shop, so that you can sell flowers online, build your loyal subscriber list and engage current buyer to your list where you can promote them with your special offers.

See from the above, you are using internet marketing to do your business which indirectly build your brand online, getting sales online and building relationship online.

Let me give you another scenario

Scenario 2

Imagine this, Paul is a property agent or some may refer to as real estate agent. Like everybody, he has his own website that feature his listing and about him. So he want more leads online. Thus, he goes to buy internet marketing books and attend courses on how to best promote his business.

Since he is a DIY guy, he build his own leads capture page and build his own list where he can talk to them. In this way, he is also using internet marketing to market his services online where he got a bigger reach and reduce his advertisement cost.


Thus, as you can see from the above 2 scenarios, different businesses using internet marketing to market their product and services for very different reasons. So, if you are dead serious in learning internet marketing, I advise you to look beyond what internet marketing can gives you.

The rewards can be very rewarding – that I can assure you.

But if you really stick to one and work smart enough. Eventually, you can use internet marketing skill and knowledge that you pick up, to market your own services, products or even business.

Now think again, is internet marketing really equals to what you think is making money online?

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