Opinion – Is Network Marketing For Me?

Now, if you are asking yourself this question “Is network marketing for me?” Then this post might well have your answer. Now, before we get started, there are two groups of people who will ask this question.

is network marketing for me

The first group is the existing network marketer. The second group are the people who are thinking of getting into network marketing.

In this post, we will address both groups. Let’s start off with the first group.

Existing Network Marketer – Is Network Marketing For Me?

Let me share with you a story. There’s a friend of mine, let just name her Mary. She joined network marketing because she wants to supplement her husband income. She is very hardworking and clever. Within months, she has rank advance a couple of time and builds a small team.

She feel that she hit a plateau in her business. Suddenly, she question herself “is network marketing for me”?

She and I chatted for quite sometime and I found out that, she is doubting herself if she is able to lead a larger team and how others see her.

She told me the latter bother her most. She is afraid that what if she build her business to the next level, how others will look at her.

Well, this is what I tell her, there will be people judging you, no matter what you do. So why bother. Just do it. The moment you bring your business to the next level, is the moment your family will be proud of you.

And with a couple of years, this friend of mine retire her husband.

Now, let’s move on to the next group.

Non-Network Marketer – Is Network Marketing For Me?

Before we continue, I want to congrats you of thinking of getting into the network marketing profession. You might have some idea what is it all about but may want to hear another opinion. So let’s get started.

Many view network marketing as hard-selling, annyoing friends and relatives and not a lot of people succeed. Well, let’s address one by one.


Most people know that one can earn a commission if there is a transaction take place. It is during this journey to a transaction that makes most people feel it is hard selling. Why is that so?

Most people who come into network marketing are not trained on how to do it properly. That is why most people do it wrongly. In fact, if you do it the right way, your network will expand. There are actually skills to learn (25 skills to be exact). This I learn from one of my mentor, Big Al.

You will need to learn skills. To begin with, you need to learn 4 basic skills. They are building rapport, ice breaker, closing and presentation.

So, the question is, do you want to learn these skillset knowing it will help you tremendously?

If you want, then you can consider doing network marketing. Another thing is that in network marketing, it is a relationship industry. In order to have people buy from you, you got to know how to have people to know, like and trust you.

Now whether you do it online like conversation or putting out facebook ad or doing it offline, the network marketing basic skillset applies.

Network marketing is a distribution business. While you might have your team system to follow, no one will tell you what to do and not to do. It totally up to you. You are the entrepreneur, you decide when to do and how to do it.

Now, hopefully you have the answer to your question “is network marketing for me”?

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