Is Your Ego Hurting Your Network Marketing Success

Recently, my business partner and best friend of mine, Ding Neng wrote a very good piece of blog post title How to Overcome Failure in 5 Simple Steps. In his blog post, he touch on 5 main steps on how to overcome failure. I particularly like his first step Pull down your thick egoistic mask.

He wrote,

I know that you are the best. And that nothing should go wrong with you. However, not achieving something that you aimed for, means that you have missed out something.

Failure is something that people can’t get over with at the start, because they have not taken down their egoistic mask. They still think that they should win it, and they have did nothing wrong. They repel all advices people, and still think that they are the best.

However, if you want to turn over your failure into success, you have to First strip down your ego, before you do anything, or no one can help you.

This is especially true.

If you want to succeed in network marketing business, you must first put down your ego and be humble. No one can know all about everything. In fact, I’m such a person few years back. I’m egoistic and that hurt my previous network marketing business a lot. It was not until one of my friend invited me to his team retreat that I realize that my ego is hurting me, my team and everyone else.

I’ve learn a lot from that retreat and I should say it helped me a lot.

So, if you are out there sharing your network marketing business where your prospect ask you certain question that you do not know or your team mates ask you a question which is not your specialty, don’t be afraid and tell them to wait while you get the answer for them. They will be grateful towards you because you have shown commitment and responsibility towards your team and business.

So, my friends, get rid of your ego and be humble.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Ego Hurting Your Network Marketing Success”

  1. Hi Ding Neng,

    Yeah, one must learn how to be humble and willing to learn and they will see a whole lot different world outside. Thanks for dropping by, see your around!

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Wow. Thanks for your mention:)
    Yeap. The egoistic mask is probably something that is most difficult to pull down. Some people take years to pull down, while some will never pull down. Thats why only people who are humble and willing to learn are able to achieve success in our industry. 🙂

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