Mark Chew Discover Your Leadership Style Review

Recently, I was being invited by one of my friend to attend Mark Chew, the author of Discover Your Leadership Style, “Meet The Author” session.

After hearing his short presentation, I decided to buy his book to learn something out of leadership from him.

I have to confess that I did not read his book after 2 weeks and this post was written after I have done reading his book in one sitting. And I also have to confess that the author, Mark Chew did not pay me to write any review of his book.

Review of Mark Chew Discover Your Leadership Style

Mark’s book is easy to read and understand.

He inject a lot of his past experience in his army days and his working experience that I could fast adapt to. However, if you are not local, you may find it hard to relate to his army experience.

I’ve read a lot of leadership books in the past but none have even come close to Mark’s book.

In fact, the way he taught the truth of leadership is none other can compare. He really drill deep down to the core of leadership rather that touching the surface and telling you what to do. His book not only teaches you the fundamental of what to expect in a leader but also tell you how to groom the people around you to become one by using the 4F’s that he impart in his book and one of them is Fair.

In his book, I like for a fact that, for every ending chapter, he pose some questions for the reader to reflect upon. This is a very good exercise that you will tend to remember what has been taught in that present chapter before going to the next.

About 3/4 in his book, he quoted an example where he attended an overseas training with his guys. In this particular story, he successfully bring out a point that a Leader must be Fair and not using their authority to abuse someone to do their bidding.

In addition, Mark’s book is not the type of leadership book that you normally read. He layout each chapter in a very interesting way that I observe when I was reading through half way.  It is very interesting this way as one will not get bored after reading a chapter full of useful information.

If you are asking me if Mark Chew, Discover Your Leadership Style is right for you, I can say that if you are a business owner, network marketing leader, students or manager in any organization, you will find his book useful, especially if you are a Singaporean like me.

He will light the path for you to follow and also give you the right ingredient to become a successful leader in your own rights that others will follow.

I bought his book at Singapore KinoKuniya. I also found his book on Amazon but (at time of writing this post) it is out of stock. If you are not local, you may perhaps want to get on Facebook to connect with him if you would like to buy his book. If you are local, just head down to Kinokuniya and purchase one yourself.

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