MLM Celebrity Marketing To Establish Your Authority

Have you ever think why new celebrities can have a large loyal fan base and huge number of followers in such a short amount of time?

Have you ever realized that even if you barely know a new celebrity, you will have that kind of “Yes, I know them” remarks or feeling.

Now have you ever wondered how they do it?

And I’m not talking about how records companies spending big bucks to promote but rather the “how” – the process that makes celebrities to get well known and love by others.

Celebrities comes and goes. Every time they came to the scene, they make such an impact that shook the whole world. Now how does celebrity marketing fit into our industry? As you know that have to brand our self, build relationship and establish our presence every where like Tracey Walker, Jim Chao, Aaron Chen many others down-to-earth network marketers.

In MLM Celebrity Marketing, there are only 2 major components that you must really focus on They are the Ambassdor and Endorsement. Below shows a picture of how MLM Celebrity Marketing works.

Let me explain how each department works and benefit you in your branding and generate more leads.

Ambassdor (Upline)

First of all, you have to had a blog to get this started and here’s why. Your blog will be your central hub to let your prospect know more about you and you can post your journey, webnair and results on your blog. Because of human nature, we tend to believe more of third party words than the words that comes out from the horses mouth. Think of review of a product and you will get the idea.

The role of an Ambassador basically “pass” you his authority so that you can be the one to go to. This “passing” of authority will help you to be establish as a trusted source to your prospect. Think about how radio, tvs and reporters fit into the role of Ambassador. They talk about how this celebrity comes about. You can use the exact same marketing techniques that they use to put it online by asking your upline to do a video testimonial for you to let you blast it out to video sharing site for maximum effect.

Endorsement (Downline)

You can ask your downline to do a short video testimonial on how they find about you and their improvement made during the stay with you. This will greatly enhance your status, credibility and authority in network marketing industry. After your team had did a video testimonial, you have to put it on your blog and blast it out to video sharing site for maximum effect.

Can you see how powerful it is?

Now if you think this is not workable, look at some network marketers blog who had testimonials on their blog from their upline and downline. Then do your own homework on them and see if they command a certain trust and authority.

Remember though, it’s only a 3 step process,

  1. video from ambassador and endorsement (news leaking about new celebrity)
  2. blast video using premium service like Traffic Geyser (appearance on major tv networks and radio stations)
  3. follow up with your prospect and leads (setting up fan clubs, facebook groups)

So, starting today, get your team to do a video testimonials and blast it out for maximum effect on Traffic Geyser.

7 thoughts on “MLM Celebrity Marketing To Establish Your Authority”

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Great post and what a nice term you got there. I’ve been doing that ever since I had my first downline. It works great and it added some credibility for me.

    – Kim

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