MLM Equal Greed – Agree?

Recently I found that many people equate mlm-er are greedy people and that they are blind (not physically blind but are blinded by greed).

Now, for people who are already in mlm what will you say about the above title?Do you agree with that, that most mlm-er are blinded with greed? Or simply they want a better life for themselves and family?

And for those who had not join mlm before but have friends whom had join, what do you think about the topic?

Please write what you think in the comment below.

7 thoughts on “MLM Equal Greed – Agree?”

  1. Great blog Jeffrey! I

    Greed in network marketing is like greed anywhere… those that are greedy may have short term success. In the long run, they will not succeed.

    Greedy people in network marketing spread fear and loathing in the industry. They create the “ick” factor in network marketing. The people who are marketing by putting down other network marketing companies, are putting down the network marketing industry as a whole.

    One of the things I have seen a lot over the years is the person who has time to call you every day and coax you into their business… right up until the day you sign the application. Then all of the sudden they are not available by phone. It’s sad. They are only interested in the sign up.

    Our real product in network marketing is people. How many people can we help to succeed?

    To your massive success!

  2. Network marketing is doomed to remain in the background. It has been referred to as a beautiful lady with a shady reputation. Greed is prevalent in many areas of business regardless of business model.. but network marketing suffers from a huge fallacy. It claims to get rid of the middlemen and thus has affordable products better than can be found elsewhere. What it really does is add in far more middlemen, pushing the cost up tremendously, resulting in having to mark-up the price of the products considerably over what comparable retail products sell for. Many firms make great attempts to hype the products as totally exotic and curing everything under the sun.. when in reality only the tiniest bit of any of that advertising bears any truth.

    In reality, despite all the hoopla and promotion, only an exceptionally small percentage of networkers even make enough per month from their business (after deducting all their monthly costs) to even pay for their own product usage. Attrition is extreme and competition in recruiting is absolutely rampant. Is this truly the business model of the future. I sure hope not.

  3. Everything in life has “two sides of a coin” to it. Every industry has good and bad apples. Greed is not just limited the mlm industry, look at what happen to corporate America in recent years.

    It’s just unfortunate that the mlm industry as a whole suffers from bad reputation over the years. Ultimately it really depends on the UNDERLYING INTENTION of the owners/distributors promoting their respective business/products/services.

    The network marketing industry needs more genuine leaders and education for the general public to facilitate better understanding from the “outsider’s perspective”

    From my personal observation, It is starting to happen…I believe network marketing is the future….and could very possibly reach its TIPPING POINT within this decade.

  4. ever think abt this statement, sensational(hyped up) ads sells to desperate wealth seekers or greedy people? but this debate will go a long way and get protracted or even deviate. so unless we want a long discourse on network marketing.

    i think successful network marketers dont spend so much time on the net looking for kangtau. they have real prospects to talk to, real products to demo, real builders to train. besides u dont really need that many people to be successful in network marketing. yes, u may need about 10 or 20 to start off with, then u work on your people’s people, building a little deeper. also consistently prospect 2 to 5 own new people every month to build width. thats not exceedingly hard and if u do it over a period of time u get better. retention is also important. once this starts to happen, network marketing starts to work for you!

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