MLM Marketing – Why Not Posting Your Company Name and Product Help You

This post may help a lot of people in marketing their network marketing products on Social Media.

If you are taught the way to promote your company name online, then look at your result. If you are doing great then carry on. But most of the time, most networkers have few to little results. If you are one of them, then congrats, today you will learn the reason why it yield you little to no result.

See, we have to understand how people search information online.

These people are human, just like you and me. So when they see a lot of people posting your company name, the number 1 thing that come to their mind is, “oh that must be something big, let me check it out.” And where do they turn to? Yes, you guess it right, it’s Google.

And after their independent research was done, they conclude it’s mlm or that this is not for them (product wise).

That way, not only you lose an opportunity to talk about what you have, they might also been rob of a wonderful opportunity that they might need it at their point of life now.

Now, let’s us step a step back and see it from their eye. Would you agree that you would do the same thing when you are doing research for certain thing? And then “kind of” give yourself a conclusion of what is being perceive by the information you gather?

So if that the case, what’s the percentage of a unnamed person would reach out to you AFTER they had seen your posting online.

So What Should You Do Then?

In any kind of business, network marketing as well, to profit is to find a need and fill it – Meaning it’s about benefit.

Talk about their challenges and how your network marketing product and services could help them because nobody would wake up one day suddenly want to buy your products or services.

There you go. If you feel that your team need it, feel free to share to them.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your short blog post. Your post honestly, open my eyes to see from different perspective. So, what you meant is that to be a solution provider than a solution pusher?

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