MLM Online Marketing Methods

There are many MLM online marketing methods available. But one thing for sure is do not get suck into system that says you need not to talk to anyone and that your prospect will automatically sign up under you. MLM is a business. Business requires you to network and build relationship.

Ask yourself “would you sign up a business without knowing the other people or team?” Probably not.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at what type of MLM online marketing methods that you can drive traffic to your site or landing page.

The most popular right now is Facebook. There are right and wrong way of doing so. Many times, I see networkers simply just post their business opportunities and how good their product is on the wall. I don’t say that this is wrong, but it might be offensive for some. However, some networketers whom see this post might argue their point.

But the point I want to drive across is, if you are invited to your friend birthday bash, would you go in and start promoting your business and product to people or will you want to build a relationship with them?

The next MLM online marketing method is using Paid Traffic. It can come in the form of Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, Yahoo or Bing. If you have the budget to advertise on paid platform, by all means go ahead as this will give you a head start and relevant traffic to your site. Take note here that if you are unfamiliar with paid traffic, always start small then grow into something big.

The last one is free tactics which need you to churn out content on your blog. You can easily get yourself a free blog from blogspot or wordpress. You can even get a self hosted blog to write content on. This allows you to build your credibility online and also to let your prospect know that you are a real person behind your network marketing company.

So, get out there to implement the above mlm online marketing methods.

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  1. Hi Sonny,

    Thanks for dropping by and glad that you like it. See you around.


  2. Hey Jeffrey,

    You have some great points here! Thanks for sharing. You are correct that this business will and still be built on relationships. Systems helps but its just have the equation. You still have to connect with your leads and prospects on a personal basis if you want to get more conversions. Thanks again bro.


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