MLM Singapore Professional Networkers Meet Up

Finally, I’ve found a meet up group that is solely for MLM Singapore network marketers. In fact, I’ve been trying very hard to find a group that is professional to meet up.

The MLM Singapore Meet Up Venue

The meet up was held at National Library, Hans. The organizer was Gin and he run the event well.

For starter, we are there to mingle around, saying hi to each others, followed by self introduction and then we split into small focus group to talk and share experience in network marketing. However, we have a strict code of conduct and that is no pitching and cross recruitment while we are having the event.

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I would have say that the group are very professional in every way they do and that most of us have learn and absorb some nugget of gold shared by various singapore professional network marketers. And I’m the guy on the far right first row wearing long sleeve.

My Take Away in MLM Singapore Meet Up Group

Personally, I feel that network marketing need more professional to come stand up to make this the alternative career for most Singaporean, if not the world. The leaders in this meet up group share freely their experience and have everybody to gain which I feel is important because, by learning from others, not only that a person will grow, the whole image of the profession will improve as well.

So, if you are a MLM Singapore network marketer, I highly recommend you come to this type of meet up group to network and learn from local network marketers. If you are keen to network and grow your network, you can connect with me on Facebook or PM me on Facebook if you can’t seem to add me.

Till then, fellow MLM Singapore network marketers!

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  1. I am a network marketer from Batam.ay I join your group and how I can involved i your group for sharing experience.

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