My Products Will Sell By Itself……

Do you fall into the trap either by saying that to your prospect or hearing some networkers telling you how great that their product is?

Well, I bet you do. If you did not, then you may have miss out the best joke ever.

Here why.

(now the following story is true and I had no intention to mock at the other party. I’m doing it because of educational purposes)

The other networker made a phone call to me and wants to share his opportunity with me. Since I’m the guy whom like to social around, so I just went ahead with this meeting.

Upon reaching there, I made a call up and he guided me to his office or showroom. Well, I should say he has the style and professionalism in him. He has also had the burning desire to succeed. Half way through our talk, he was about to close me. And he says this to me,

“Jeffrey as you can see how our team operate and the comp plan..yada yada…and our products are so good that will sell by itself… you no need to worry about this.”

Double Duh…

And I just asked him this, “Why not you buy a carton of your products and have them place inside your house and see if ti will sell by itself.”

Now, I’m not too sure how will you react, some of you may say I’m tiny or I’m too unprofessional or too naive.

The moral behind this story is, do not give flowery sentence such as above, this will give your prospect that this guy/gal is not whom they are looking for. Also, if you are doing the product-led way, one can hardly find real business owners to build up a team. Although product at some point is useful, but this is a much slower way to build wealth in network marketing.

Next, product are just a means of moving the ‘wealth’ around. This have been around for ages. So I hope you get the whole picture of why “my product will sell by itself…” is not only a joke but a very lame one that can destroy your business.

2 thoughts on “My Products Will Sell By Itself……”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I’m pretty sure your company have a system in place that you and your team can plug into. It’s about relationship more than the technical stuff. If you want your team to do online, then recommendation would be finding a social media site like Instagram and start promoting from there.

    Hope this helps.

    – Jeffrey

  2. I am trying to figure out a easily duplicable method for my downlines to follow. Many of my
    downlines are not internet savvy and may take a long time to train them.


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