Network Marketing is Like Playing Video Games

All right, I admit that I’m a retro game fanatics. I like video games, especially the role playing games, VS games and sports games. These games not only test my reflexes but also test my analytical skill when come to role playing games.

What has playing video games got to do with network marketing?

Well, in fact they are and they are very much similar. I going to share with you why it is so much similar.

I do not know if you have play video game before, if you do not, let me explain, in fact almost all video games have an ending to it, be it sports, role playing or action game. They have a story line and the player have to reach the end to view the ending – that what is all about.

However, during the process, the player have to reach from point A to point B then to point C in order to see the ending. So, from the way the player is playing, they will try their very best to reach the end of the game by overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. It is this type of challenge that glue gamers to their screen.

Now what has it got to do with Network Marketing?

Previously I said that when one has to go through obstacles and challenge to reach the end of the game right? Likewise in network marketing, one has to go from point A to point B then to point C and along the way, they had to overcome obstacles and challenges posed to them. The gamers will “die” when overcoming a stage boss or a challenge. Did they give up? No. They keep on moving ahead and think what had they did wrong that they can’t pass that stage.

Same thing here in network marketing, you “die” when overcoming an obstacle. This obstacle can be prospecting, team handling or finding a lead. But all these can be overcome just like the way a gamer play their video game. Once you overcome it and know what to expect and the rules, you will find that it is easy – just like the gamer will say, o this stage you have to go here, go there and hit the button to clear the stage.

So, network marketers, try to overcome your own “video game” obstacles and challenges. Reach the end of your “game” to view the wonderful ending that you have created for yourself.

And mind you, your name could have been in the “video game” Top 10.

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