What Network Marketing Really Is?

Network Marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood industry or profession (whatever) you call it.

It has so far created more millionaire than any other profession or industry.

Because of the fact that it is super lucrative and less overhead to start up, it is almost mis-represent by many people out there.

In this post, I’ll share with you what network marketing really is.

What Network Marketing Really Is?

Network marketing is basically a channel of distribution of goods and services from the company directly to the end user or consumer via word of mouth advertising.

This saves the company a lot of advertising money and these money are paid to the distributor who successfully move the product and services to the end user.

Now you might ask, what some people who got involved make a lot of money, while some not? 

There are a lot of variable involved, such as the individual desire to make it work, the system, teamwork etc.

But one thing that really stands out is personal development.

You see, for most of us, we spend 10 over years at school to hone our knowledge and some even pursue specialize degree to get ahead of peers.

When most people who join network marketing, they simply have the mindset of buying a lottery – meaning, they expect to make money in the next week, next month or 3 months.

But the true is, network marketing is just like any other profession, you need to learn the skill to get better.

The good news is that, once you learn the skill, you can be a better person which churn you better result and that reflect direct to your bank account.

Network Marketing Skills

The skills that you need to learn are

  • self development
  • communications skill
  • networking skill
  • marketing skill
  • presentation skill
  • leadership skill

These are some of the skill that you need to learn and the best part is you can LEARN AND EARN.

Fact is, most people bring wrong attitude, mindset and habits to mlm profession, no wonder they are unable to make money or success out of it.

Therefore, succeed in mlm or direct sales is to acquired the skill needed to succeed or get the result you are after in this profession.

To understand the difference between network marketing and internet marketing, go to this post.

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