Network Marketing Success Follow Up

There is a saying in internet marketing arena – “The money is in the list”.

That is pretty correct. However, in internet marketing ,we have tools to help us to automatically follow up with the subscribers and although we have that in network marketing too, but it really work in a very different way.

If you do not know yet, in Network Marketing, what counts is that phone call or sms, in short – human touch.

Thus, if you do not do the above, you virtually can kiss your network marketing business good bye. True, you can send follow up emails via autoresponder, but nothing beats you by calling them up, learning more about them and see if they want to be in with your company or opportunity.

In order to do a Network Marketing success follow up call with your prospect, you have to build a relationship prior follow up. The way how I do it is,

1) Sms/Text them to let them know who am I and that I will be calling at certain point of time in the week.

2) Call them up at that point of week that stated in my sms

3) Get to know them by asking correct questions

4) Schedule a follow up call

That actually what I did to build my team. It just a sorting process and there’s no magic or silver bullet in it. Basically, just practice and enjoy every bit of the process.

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