Niche Your Way to Success in Internet Network Marketing

Do you know you can niche your way to your success in your internet network marketing business?

Do you still remember the traditional way of doing up a hundred contact list era? Well, these are those niches that you can target on. I’ve seen a lot network marketers who put out their ads online always say one thing – business opportunity. Some are good while some can be better.

I’m not sure about you but my ads do not say about business opportunity but still get leads and eventually sign up under my team. How do I do that?

The secret or key if you will is segment or niche.

Let’s just pull out the warm market list that we going to call. You probably see that some occupation that your warm market works in are

  • nurse
  • doctors
  • accountants
  • drivers
  • divers
  • care taker
  • professional


Well, if you could write up an ad that talks directly to these group of people, won’t you think the conversion rate would be higher as compare to putting out ads to seek out business opportunity seekers. By doing so, you will eliminate the need of buying leads and have plenty of niches to target on for the rest of your career in network marketing.

This is direct marketing at its best.

So if you still yet to realize the power of niche marketing in internet network marketing, this is the time to realize it. You probably ask, so how am I going to find these niches. Well, simple. You can go on forums, blogs and go to where they are going. If you want to find professional in banking industry, you probably can go to some banker blog, social media sites or even forum to mingle with them.

If you do not know yet, some forums can allow you to advertise. You can take this advantage to advertise your network marketing opportunity to them. But of course, write the words in your ads that is relevant to the target group of people.

So, if you do not know what niches to target on, you probably have to make up a lost of those industry that you can think of. If you are lucky enough, your company will probably have an action step that includes all sorts of industry that you can target.

You can use that as a start and work from there. I wish you all the best in your niche marketing.

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