One Secret to How I Enrol 14 In Less Than 45 Days

networkmarketingenrollmentIf you are looking for that one secret to enrol fast in your company, I’ll share it in this post with you and hope that it will be of help to you to enrol fast to build momentum in your business.

Do or Die Attitude

First of all, I don’t think of approaching cold or warm market instead what I do is, I adopt the DO or DIE Attitude. I tell myself that I have to succeed no matter what and I suggest you to do so too and here’s why.

When you start adopting that attitude, everything changes around you. You vibrate at a higher energy, you do things fast, you attract the right kind of people and you experiencing lesser or no rejection. Yes, you hear me right, no rejection because the right kind of people will come to you to wanting to join your network marketing business opportunity.

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How to Adopt Do or Die Attitude

Firstly, you need to know why you start your network marketing business. Your WHY got to be so strong that even without your network marketing opportunity, you will still find a way to get to there. Your WHY will make all of your problems so small that you can navigate around that problem to achieve your goal faster.

This is how I did it and I hope you will persevere in your journey and don’t lost sight of your WHY.

4 thoughts on “One Secret to How I Enrol 14 In Less Than 45 Days”

  1. Hi, i’m stumble upon your post and although it’s a short post, you present well enough about your know how. I would like to be train under you. How do I go about it?

  2. Thank you for the write up. Can you please give more tips ie in specific (for example, networking in order to raise awareness of the university and also to attract and get more students.) I would be very grateful for this. Thank you

  3. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the write ups on network marketing. They are really educative.
    I would like to be trained as a network marketer, How do I go about this. Thanks

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