One Single Method to Approach Warm Market Professionally

As you already know that in our profession, we work based on relationship, we build relationship and most of us are being taught to first make a list and approach our warm market. This method works because there is relationship between you and the other person. However, what don’t work is the approach that one implement and here why.

Often times, the new networker would charge out and promote how good their business and/or product is without really understand the whole mechanics. This usually pissed people off. We are in network marketing not network selling neither do we are in network spamming.

So how are we going to turn this around?

I want you to picture this, imagine you have open a restaurant, selling oriental food. The first thing that you would do is to invite your friends, relatives and people that you know to come patronise your restaurant. Did you charge out and say that my food is nice and you must come taste it at my brand new restaurant? Or would you say, hey, I just open a new restaurant selling oriental food. My restaurant will be officially open at X day and would love to invite you to come?

Can you feel and see how it works?

It it not intrusive, but more of welcoming and supporting.

So how does this applies to your network marketing business?

Simply, use the above approach, call up your warm market and tell them directly that you have just start a XX business and would love you to support one month or one case or whatever your business product/services are. If they do support fine. If they don’t, no big deal. Both of you are still friends and they might drop by occasionally to see how you are doing.

Make sense? Now that you know how to approach your warm market, go back to your warm market list, use the above approach and see how it works. Comment below if you have tried the approach.

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