3 Rejection Free Prospecting Questions for Network Marketing

We all want our prospect to feel good about us because if they don’t, we know the outcome. So by asking questions is one of the way to make them feel good about us and how they perceive our business.

In this post, I’ll share 3 Rejection Free Prospecting Questions for Network Marketing. This question can be use online or offline.

So here we go, try asking these questions and see their response.

Question 1

Do you think working another part time job would be better for you than working a part time business?

They (the prospect) would think and feel that having a job would not be so ideal anymore because the cycle would come full circle if they are out of their part time job. And they know also that everyone in a job is replaceable. 

Question 2

Everyone knows how to make money, but only a handful knows how to create wealth. Are you making money or creating wealth?

They (the prospect) already know they are making money thru their job. They feel the pain, struggle and the predictable outcome. They want something better – to create wealth. So they can do whatever they want. Now they are open minded to know how your business can create wealth for them.

Question 3

Would a $300 – $500 a month extra helps?

This is an irresistible question that most prospect find it hard not to answer. They will say of course or who don’t want more money. The extra means able to help them solve some of their financial problem. Rarely, will the prospect say No. Even if they say no, all you have to do is to ask them, “oh, so what you are trying to say is that you want to earn more right?”. By asking the question, the prospect are now more open minded to looking at how you can help them get the extra income you have just said. 

So simple right. If you like to know more of such questions, I’v prepare a 5 proven question for you to use on social media and offline. It’s free. Just scroll to the top if you are on laptop or down if you are on smart devices to download your free copy.

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Additional Resource: Here’s is a sample of 20 network marketing prospecting questions you may consider using

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  1. Wow! I’m glad that I stumble upon this post while searching on Google. Thanks for the simple straight forward question. I can see how I’m able to use that.

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