See How I Get 628 Facebook Friends within 4 Months without Requesting A Single Add

When I first use facebook, I just thought of meeting up old  friends and playing games. However, all these change when I started my internet network marketing business 4 months back.

As you can see from the above screenshot, I purposely print screen my old facebook profile without knowing if I were to be successful in my own facebook marketing. But I print screen it anyway and save it. I did this partly to measure my facebook marketing directions because I know how facebook will indirectly help my internet network marketing business.

Not a Single Friend Request Initiate

You maybe wondering why I did not request a single add since August 2010.

The main reason is because, I use Facebook as an attraction marketing tool to brand myself and provide value to the party. I also believe that if I did marketing the right way, I will have targeted people wanting to know me more. (not that egoistic way)

We are in social arena, so let’s do it the social way.

Of course, along the way, I’ve met some network marketers whom pitch me their opportunity after their first “hello”. This really get on my nerve sometimes and I simply block them. Some of them are good and we build a strong relationship over time.

As time goes by, I put out more valuable post, engage in community and commenting to eventually, I found that I had at least 5 Facebook friend request per day everyday. However that is not a lot compare to other gurus or mover and shakers out there, but I did what need to be done and is happy to know that at least 93% of my Facebook friend list is targeted.

This is not at all difficult.

People will want to know you more if you socialize first. No point having all those egoistic traits that hurt your reputation or claim to know-it-all and post or engage in some other discussion that is negative.

As the old age saying goes “Giver Gain.”

This is so true in Facebook and in Social Media. Till then my friend. 🙂

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