Seed Planting in Network Marketing

You probably have heard about reap what you sow. This is very true. You even probably hear the uplines, top producer or team say, you need to plant seeds. But what exactly are these seeds and how they are useful in your network marketing career?

Let’s us learn in detail.

First of all, doing network marketing is just like farming. A farmer will plant the seed, water it everyday and watch it grow till it bear fruits. It could take a month, six months or even a year to watch his seeds grow. Likewise in your network marketing career or business, you need to plant seeds and let it grow.

Many times, I’ve seen new networkers come in with so much excitement and want to fast track their business or career. This is however not wrong, but in the long run, it will tired most of them out because their expectation is wrong. Of course, you could build your team super fast and there are ways to do it but for most networker out there, you will be building what other networkers are doing.

Therefore, start planting your seeds daily. It can be exposing your business to 2 person a day, it can be telling your warm market that you are in network marketing or showing the plan to prospect.

All these are activities that will help bring your business forward daily. So the more seeds that you plant each day, it will eventually grow and when the time is ripe, these seeds will join your team.

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