Skills Needed in Building a Network Marketing Online Business

Building a network marketing online business sounds and seem so seductive for most people. But for most people when they try doing online, they failed miserably. Not because they are not hardworking or smart, it’s because they turn to the internet or “the internet marketing way” out of fear.

Fear of talking to people online. Yes, that exact same fear that people have when talking to people offline.

Now, these group of people because of their fear, they don’t learn the necessary skills to build their business. So they can’t see the result they wanted but they don’t give up. They go to search online on how to build an online network marketing business and saw some headline like “Secrets your upline don’t tell you” or “Talking to people is dead, use a system” or “Don’t prospect people till you see this online system” or “This wonderful system pull in leads for you.”

See, if their systems are so good, would your company still need you? Think about it.

Your company need you because you are their ambassador. They need you to help promote their product and services. Not some magical system that does all the work.

By far, the most lucrative part of network marketing is Prospecting.

This is THE skill you need to learn whether is online or offline.

When you are good at prospecting, you can sign people up and teach them to do the same. And when they can do what you do, are you able to see how your business can grow from there. As compare to, learning internet marketing funnels, learning copy writing, learning how to set up landing pages, learning how to do email marketing etc. If you are not train in internet marketing, how long do you think will you be able to set up a successful marketing funnel? And how much opportunity does that cost you?

Now, I not saying not to learn internet marketing. You can.

What I’m saying that, if you want your business to grow, look at the actions you do and ask yourself “can this be duplicate?”

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  1. I prefer the talking to people way. It’s much faster, more human and more teachable. And you have say it all in the blog post. Write more such content. Keep them coming!

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