Social Media Marketing VS Social Network Marketing

Hi there, you probably have seen Social Media Marketing and Social Network Marketing floating around Social Media areana. But what really surprise me is many people lump social network marketing with social media marketing.

As a whole, social media is divided into 4 quadrants as illustrated below,

As you can see from the above, Social Network Marketing is a subset of Social Media Marketing and it comprises of other 3 main components that make up the whole Social Media Marketing. If you are thinking of implementing any social media strategy into your business, then you have to really consider the 4 quadrant that is illustrated above.

Reason being is, if your customers or prospect sees that you are all over the social media arena in that particular niche, it really portray you as a thought leader and a trusted people or organization to do business with.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    I like the way you explain and the way you divide the big social media into 4 quadrant. I looking forward to see more blog posting.


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