If You’re Struggling To Get Leads and Appointments online…

Find Out How A Regular Singaporean Managed to Escape the “No Leads Prison” Just By Chatting On Social Media Like How Most People Are Doing Daily!

“The R.I.C.P. Blueprint” - Leverage On A Long Lost Proven Human Buying Strategy Designed To Convert Conversation into Commission…

Works Perfectly Even If You Are Just Starting Out!

By Jeffrey Chew, Ex Cable Tv Installer Turned Social Networker Strategist

Feeling skeptical? Is this another “attraction marketing” course? Another rehash material?

If you think that way, I don’t blame you.

I felt the same as you when I started my network marketing career around 10 years ago.

But at that time, I was in my mid 20’s and felt that network marketing was a career for me. I told everyone that I’m going to be a network marketer, everybody advised strongly against it.

They say this line had no future and asked me to find a proper job instead.

Despite their friendly advice, I took the network marketing route. And the rest as they say…is history.

Today, I’m making a decent income by having online conversations with people for 60 minutes on social media platform a day. That’s my full-time profession.

My part-time profession is imparting my converting conversation to commission to my fellow Singaporeans.

You may asked “Why am I so generous with my knowledge?”

True is, when I was starting out, one of my mentors from another company took me under his wing and coached me without expecting anything in return.

Now that I’ve achieved a certain degree of success, it’s only right that I do the same for others.

By doing so, it not only helps raise the bar of our profession, it also helps all of us to achieve what we set out for when we first sign up.

At your “Conversation to Commission Masterclass”, I’ll share everything and anything you need to know about converting conversation to commission!

It’s simple. It’s duplicable. It works. For me and hundreds whom I personally coached. It can work for you too!

Here’s a snippet of what I’ll be sharing

The Instant Rapport Building Blueprint

Understand the 5 hidden questions inside your prospect mind and how to answer each of them exactly, so you can build instant rapport on demand.

Easy Ice Breaker Method

2 questions + 1 question or “FFI method” is all you need to bring the prospect closer to you. We’ll show you how to use “FFI method” to your advantage online.

Profitable Closing Technique

In case you didn’t know, closing comes before the presentation. You’ll discover our trade secret on how to have your prospect asking you to sign them up before watching any of your presentations.

Duplicable Presentation Framework

”Fly Kite” or “No show” by prospect seems to be a recurring theme for most network marketers. We’ll show you in 3 steps how to present and explain your presentation via any messenger chat in 120 seconds. Yes, I know it’s a big claim. But when you master this, you’ll be kicking yourself why you didn’t know this earlier.

The Conversation to Commission SOP

Honestly, I’m not the kind of person who can work 8 hours a day. Even if I can, I would neglect my personal and family life. This is not what network marketing is supposed to be. That’s why I tweak my SOP over time to achieve results in just 60min a day. I’ll share with you how to be effective and productive during that 60min.

Many Other Strategies, Methods and Techniques

Don’t miss out on this masterclass, as I’ll be sharing all my on-the-field network marketing knowledge to you!

Or You Can Read On Below to Discover Jeffrey's "Conversation to Commission" Story….

My journey into network marketing started when I left the force in my mid 20’s.

I was invited by my friend to a presentation and that’s the first time I could see how this model could change my life financially.

I signed up immediately after that and applied what was taught by my team leadership.

I talk to my family members, relatives and close friends.

They told me to stop and don’t get into this type of “Scam”. It won’t work out for me because I’m not good at sales.

At first, I thought it was the product that I sell that they don’t want to buy. So, I switch 5 companies in the hope that there’s a product that they want to buy.

For every new company I join, they would teach the same with slight variation.

They teach to build a list, talk to people whom I know, then build relationship and invite them to the presentation.

Some are polite to tell me “no”, while some simply say shit into my face.

It was hard for me to swallow.

I can’t figure out why they want to do this to me.

It was like waves upon waves of rejections came crushing down on me. I feel like giving up at one point.

I feel like what they say is right. I’m not cut out to do all these “sales” stuff and better get a job like how my parents are saying.

But I’m not going back to being an employee.

Like most people, I wanted freedom and financial independence.

And, if I continue to do the things I do, I will get nowhere. I knew I needed to do things differently – fast.

That Was When I Stumbled Upon The R.I.C.P Method...

One of my friends whom I know for years, passed me a USB and told me “Jeff, the information inside this USB, probably is the information you need now to grow your network marketing business.”

As mentioned, I needed to do things differently. I took the USB from him.

Now, the next part may seem like I’m exaggerating. But I’m really not..

The USB changed my life!

jeffrey chew usb

When I listen to the USB and how the trainer shares his information about the entire network marketing prospecting and closing process, it was like an “ah – haa” moment.

The information opened my eyes and has reignited my flame in network marketing.

Most people know learning a new skill wasn’t a walk in the park. I soak up all the information I can like a sponge soaking up all water and apply it for the very first time.

For the first time, a stranger whom I have conversation online asked if there’s a presentation he can attend to – willingly. I thought it was just luck.

The 2nd time I tried, I got the same result.

I tried the 3rd time, 4th time and 5th time. Everytime I tried, the result is the same.

It was predictable.

I still remember those days….

Because I’ve never got that type of result ever in my career!

I then shared this blueprint to my close friend in the industry.

It works!

I tweak the system multiple times to allow anyone able to duplicate and work this system 60min per day.

I then share this to another group of my friends in the industry and have them tried for 90 days.

It work for them and their team is using the system now.

But in the end, my efforts were rewarded.

Thanks to R.I.C.P, I finally created a proven blueprint that provides me with a consistent result even for people without experience.

And, finally, for the longest time in my career, I’m able to receive awards, go on incentive trips, and attend company awards events – all thanks to R.I.C.P blueprint

This R.I.C.P blueprint has allowed me to have a more structure approach to the business and have more time for my family.

The system that I’ve setup, tweaked and refined overtime has allowed me and others whom I share with to turn their conversation into commission 60min a day.

This Brings Me to The MOST IMPORTANT Part of My Story....

There’s a reason why I’m sharing my story with you.

I just want to let you know that if someone like me (only pass chinese in “o” level, an ex cable TV installer, mailroom clerk) can “make it”, so can you!

Sounds cliche, but it’s true.

That’s why I’m inviting you to my Conversation to Commission Masterclass.

Not because I’m out to make quick buck.

I’m doing this because, firstly, it’s my passion to coach and teach.

Secondly, I’m giving back to the network marketing community.

Thirdly, I truly believe I can help you.

Social media is now in its mature stage and it’s “ripe” for the picking..

Lots of others may think that online conversation is dead, slow or unprofitable. That’s because they’re doing it wrongly.

My results and people whom I shared with say otherwise.

Network Marketing is a business. A business built upon conversation. Social media accelerates that process for you to turn your conversation into commission.

Results That Speaks For Themselves

Telling you exactly why they want the business
Proactively asking when is the next seminar
Looking up as an authority to help them
Instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy

One Last Thing Before You Sign Up….

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This is NOT a ra-ra motivational workshop. This is NOT a “just make you feel good” but “learn nothing” training.

If you’re really keen to attend my Commission to Conversion Masterclass, be prepared to work doubly hard. Just like I did.

Be prepare to put in effort at the start, in exchange for your goal you want to achieve inside your network marketing career. Just like I did.

One thing to note is to be prepared to put aside your skepticism and embrace a proven duplicable method that works. Just like I did.

Everything you’re going through in life now, I’ve been down that road. In fact, I was probably much worse off than you.

But through consistent hard work, I made it work. It’s really not rocket science.

So let me ask you: Which one is easier? Continue to do what you are doing now and get the same result or learn this profitable skill to achieve what you set out for?

Think about it. I mean REALLY think about it…

If your answer is to learn a new skill (I hope it is), I’ll invest my time, expertise and knowledge with you too!

Get ready to become a master to turn any conversation to commission with my guidance!

I’ll see you at my Conversation to Commission Masterclass

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    To Your Future Success,
    Jeffrey Chew, Social Networker Strategist

    P.S. In case you scroll all the way down, here’s a workshop that turns any conversation to commission using R.I.C.P blueprint. Here’s more proof that this blueprint work for anyone. You can be my next success story!

    Another instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy
    More instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy


    For sure you can! If there’s a will, there’s a way. The only thing stopping you is yourself. The course is design in a way that you can work from within your comfort zone. No need to become a different person or becoming  good in sales. 

    Short answer is 1 hour or less! We have refined the process over time. And when you understood the concept behind it, you will be amazed that you can do that within 60 minutes daily.

    No, you no need. This method is free to implement.

    Of course! This strategy is both duplicable and transferrable.

    Of course. If you need me to train your team, please write the subject “Social Networker Academy Group Training” in the contact form here. I will reach out to you personally when I receive your application