Especially for Network Marketers Who Want to Grow Their Business Within Their Comfort Zone

Learn How to Attract More Leads and Appointments Using R.I.C.P Method To Grow Your Business Without Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are trying very hard, or have apply what is being taught but have no little or no result to show for, yet constantly worrying how people will judge you doing this business, please read every word in this letter carefully…

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Chew.

I was introduced to network marketing without knowing what that was. The model make sense to me as I’m looking to earn money and build a safety net for me and my family.

Going in with great passion, I applied what taught by my team like the 3 foot rule, give out flyers, cold calling and adding friends on social media.

Being an introvert, these make me feel uncomfortable, but because I wanted to see result, I press on.

I switch 4 companies in the hope that I can be successful but end up with a lot of unsold products and zero results to show for.

These companies and team training are somewhat similar with slight variations.

They told me if other can see result using the same system and I can’t means I’m not putting in the effort.

Their good intention remark make me even more determine to find a way to succeed that even someone like me with no experience and introvert can do.

I seek out mentors after mentors until I found one that I can learn from.

His teaching is very easy to understand and I apply it without any question asked.

I see immediate result from applying what taught.

Using this method, I’ve been able to grace the stage internationally not once but thrice at company event D&D.

Overtime, I refine the strategy to a point that everyone whom I teaches uses this strategy and see if they can achieve any result while working within their own comfort zone – online or offline. Their results shocked me!

I then decided to put together this course and started Social Networker Academy, a different breed of network marketers that uses transferrable and duplicable skillset to create a thriving network marketing business all working within comfort zone – rejection free!

As I’m the beneficiary of this strategy, I want to pay it forward to the network marketing community, so that people looking from the outside in will have different view point and that makes running this business much more easier and fun again.

If you are still reading this now, I would love to invite you to my upcoming Social Networker Masterclass so that you can also benefit from our training!

Here's What You Will Learn In Social Networker Masterclass

Speed Rapport Building

Understand exactly what goes on inside the minds of your customers when they see your network marketing product, so you can truly caters to their need and wants.

Easy Ice Breaker

How to set up your very own eCommerce funnel system without knowing how to code or design websites.

Profitable Closing Technique

Learn how to turn your customers who buy from you into your walking billboard effortlessly.

Duplicable Presentation Profit

Learn how to turn your customers who buy from you into your walking billboard effortlessly.

Results That Speaks For Themselves

Telling you exactly why they want the business
Proactively asking when is the next seminar
Looking up as an authority to help them
Instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy
Another instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy
More instant trust using R.I.C.P strategy

This is the ONLY network marketing training that allows you to work within your comfort zone, which means, you need not to change your personality or becoming a different person that you don’t want. 

This is also THE training that the methods taught are transferable, duplicable and easily applied to both online and offline. 

If you want to build your business 1 hour a day, online or offline without going out of your comfort zone, this is the training to attend.

In short, you will learn during the masterclass the following:

  • what’s stopping you and how to be unstoppable
  • how people actually look inside our industry and how to engage them professionally
  • how much sales, customer and leader you actually need to earn what you want in your business
  • the word for word script for talking to people online and offline
  • how to continue the conversation
  • how to talk to your warm market professionally
  • and the R.I.C.P. method

As the training is 100% hands on, “leave no man behind” masterclass, you will be making real appointments or sales during the training session. 

YES! I want to join your Social Networker Masterclass For Just $997

In order to allow students to receive maximum benefit and experience during training, we deliberately keep it to small size training. Therefore, slots are extremely limited!

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For sure you can! If there’s a will, there’s a way. The only thing stopping you is yourself. The course is design in a way that you can work from within your comfort zone. No need to become a different person or becoming  good in sales. 

Short answer is 1 hour or less! We have refined the process over time. And when you understood the concept behind it, you will be amazed that you can do that within 30 minutes daily.

No. All methods taught are free. No need to learn complicated marketing strategy.

Yes of course. In fact, I’m an introvert and understand how you feel. That’s why this strategy is design in a way that it work within your comfort zone and who you are.

Of course! This strategy is both duplicable and transferrable.

Of course. If you need me to train your team, please write the subject “Social Networker Academy Group Training” in the contact form here. I will reach out to you personally when I receive your application