The Real Story Behind Network Marketing and CashFlow Game

So what is the real story behind network marketing (MLM) and Robert Kiyosaki, Cashflow game?

If you do not what is a cashflow game, it basically a board game (PC  Game available) to teach you how to get out of rat race, build asset and become financially free. Below shows a shot of my own cashflow board game which I bought years back.

So what has it got to do with Network Marketing?

One of the rules in the cashflow game is that, in order to win the game, your Passive Income need to be greater than your monthly expenses. This can come in the form of investment, business, stock and shares.

By having your Passive Income greater than your monthly expenses, you will have already one big burden off your shoulder which is – getting out of rat race.

Of course, for average people like you and me, you are looking at something of low risk, great potential with minimum start up business. Network marketing fit nicely into the above 3 categories. In fact, network marketing is a business – a relationship business with distribution model. Thus, if you stumble upon this page or researching more on network marketing, this model will suit you well if you are looking to get out of rat race but are looking for something that offer you low risk with great potential.

In fact, Robert and Donald Trump recommend  in their book, Why We Want You To Get Rich, that network marketing is the 21st century business that average people can get into, build up to their own liking and earn passive income.

I urge you to open your mind and look around you, the economic model is broken and has long been broken. Jobs have been shifted to elsewhere and in time to come, current job will no longer be there and inflation is climbing steadily, your saving of $10,000 may only worth $3,000 when you decide to retire.

I can go on and on but I think you are clever enough to make your own decision on which path has the low risk yet high potential for you.

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