Too Expensive to Buy Your Network Marketing Package

You probably come across “XXX, it’s too expensive. I cannot afford it.” from your prospect.

Well, seriously it is not – at least for them.

See, the reason why they want to take time to meet you up personally, they are interested in what you can offer or help them in one way or another. They are eager to join and time is right for them. But when you present the package or plan to them, most of them will say “It’s expensive. I don’t have the money.” But is it really expensive?

If you reside in Singapore, there a IT show called Sitex. It is the largest annual IT event held in Singapore. In this event, a wide range of IT products are on sale and more than 850,000 visitors are expected to turn up at the event.

And in year 2010, the event has a record of 900,000 visitors and they splurged $52 million on gadgets and gizmos. (source:

In other words, its not how much or how expensive your network marketing company package or plan cost.

It is their (your prospect) priority.

It all boils down to whether they want it hard enough or not.

If they really want it hard enough to change their life and better their current situation, they will find the money to do it – no matter what. So, if you are out field doing prospecting and meet with such situations, ask your prospect “Is better your current situation a priority to you right now?”

You will know the answer and decide for yourself whether to spend more time with them or not.

2 thoughts on “Too Expensive to Buy Your Network Marketing Package”

  1. Too expensive if they see the product values and compare them to supermarket. Must see the business values. What we see in MLM industry currently with their online system are still low cost/affordable MLM business package. There’ll be a revolution in MLM industry where they will integrate world class online business education and information products. Just wait and see!

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