Top 10 Tips in Getting Effortless Backlinks to Your Blog

Getting rank on search engines is all about links. As most of you probably have hear others saying

The more links you have, the more higher it will go.

However, this is not the case. You will have to search for high quality and relevance sites that are related to your niche or industry in order to rank high and stay there. Below are 10 tips that I will share with you to get backlinks effortlessly to your blog.

Getting Effortless Backlinks to Your Blog

  1. Create a post about Top 10 Blogs, Top 10 Worpress Plugins, or simply a list that you compile. This make it irresistible for people to wanting to link to your blog.
  2. Create valuable content. Valuable here means that a reader will either benefit or take action upon after reading your post.
  3. Write your post in bite size chunk. Avoid words that need a PhD to understand.
  4. Find out the trending topic in your industry or niche and quickly post it on your blog post to let your readers engage in conversation.
  5. Encourage your readers to share your content and interact with it.
  6. Varies your post delivery method. Your readers may want to consume your information in a wide variety of format. By doing so, if they like what you publish, they may link back to your blog.
  7. Become guest writer for other blogger within your niche or industry.
  8. Write top quality non promotional articles and submit to articles directories.
  9. Create a facebook fanpage and link back to your blog.
  10. Keep track on those site whom had picked up your content consistently and offer to write for them – exclusively

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