What Are Keywords?

Now if you are new in affiliate marketing or internet marketing, the first thing that you want to know is Keyword. If you do not know what it is, then you better don’t start an online business.

A keyword is a word or phrase (keyphrase) that you type into search engines. For example, dog training procedures. These are keyphrases. While dog trainer is keyword. Now you must be thinking, there are so many keywords out there, how can I know which one can bring in income for me?

Well, keywords can be separate in to 3 category and they are,

  • Informational Keyword
  • Research Keyword
  • Buyer Keyword

Informational Keyword

These are the keywords that people will search for during their initial phase of buying something. These usually starts with, How – To.

Research Keyword

These are the keywords that people know what they want and they want to justify that their purchase is worth it. These usually starts with, Review or Compare.

Buyer Keyword

These are the keywords that people are ready to buy. These are usually term as money keyword and usually starts with, Buy, Purchase or Order.

So you might think that we can target buyer keyword straight out. Well, logically is correct but some niches are best start from Research phase while some you must start from Informational phase and bring them through your own marketing cycle.

Hope that this post will shed some light for some who wants to know more about keywords

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