What Comes After Hi How Are You

Many times, new network marketers who came into network marketing industry found themselves tongue tied after they make their first contact with prospect online and sometimes offline. Why do this happen? It’s not because they do not know how to talk, it is they do not know how to continue the conversation that leads to an invite or a “do you want to be a distributor?”

See, there is no right or wrong here, it is simply a mindset shift that will make conversation more fun and rich.

Turn your focus to the prospect that you are talking with. Focus here means, understand and know them for who they are. And by doing so, you will get a lot of information out from them as to whether you can lead in with your product or opportunity.

Without proper understanding, you will never know what they want. As the saying goes, “do not sell what others people don’t want or need.” This is particularly true. Now let’s shift the focus back to yourself. Imagine that one salesman or whoever you know, sell or push you things that you don’t actually need or want, would you reject it?

See got the idea here right?

Once you get the hang of conversation of focusing or be interested in other human being as to what they do what they do, you will not only make more friends, learn more things and even have some referral along the way to build your network marketing business.

So what comes after “Hi, How Are You?”

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