What Has Resume and Prospecting Has In Common

Ahh, so what has prospecting and resume has in common?

I believe that we once had to send in our resume to job portals, companies or even some organization that helps us to match jobs. Do you still remember that there are times where you send in multiple resumes to apply for your dream job?

Do you still remember that you create accounts across job portals just to send in your resume in the hope your prospective employer will see it and interview you?

Now, what is going in there?

If you are still unclear of, let me tell you. You are planting seeds.

You see, you know that the more applications you send out, the more chances you will have to at least secure a place for interview. However, on the other hand, you might be thinking you need to secure a job in order to survive. This is survival instinct.

But what happens when you join your network marketing company?

I’ve seen most of the people forget this important yet crucial concept. We are told by our leaders, upline and team that we need to plant seeds yet most of them just decided enough is enough and quit. While some of them planted not enough seeds while some forget to plant seeds. You must not forget that you must exposed, share or promote your business to as many people as possible in order to at least get people to see your business opportunity. Just like, the way a desperate job seeker sending in multiple resume to many job portals.

Some think they only promote once, some twice. Some quit while there is no result.

Do you quit sending your resume if you did not get your job? No! You will keep on sending or even ask your friend for help. See, the key here is, are you really interested in doing your business as the same of looking for a job for survival?

If you are not, chances are you will just drop off from your network marketing business.

If you are not as hungry as you are when looking for a job, you will also die off from your network marketing business.

If you do not dig deep enough into your why of doing what you are doing, you will surely stop marketing and enrolling.

So what are you waiting for? Go dig deep into your why you want to sign up for your network marketing business. If your why does not make you feel motivated, tremble or even cry, your why is not strong enough for you to even start a network marketing business.

Do you want to send resume again at the age of 37 or want to enjoy your fruits of success in your network marketing business?

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