What Has Those Singers and Network Marketing in Common?

We know for sure that many singers be it they are in pop, rock, blues or whatever niche they are in are raking in a lot of money. Some even millions like my favorite idol MJ.

We may have heard news about lawsuit claiming tons of money on royalties. We also heard news that so-and-so singers had earn so much on royalties. So what is all these royalties means for the singers? And what really does it means to network marketing?

Well, one word. Passive.

Yup, passive. You see, the singer need to sing once and they publish their songs on records. Now, if a certain station wants to board cast the music, then they may need to pay royalties fees to the company. Likewise in network marketing. In this business, we build it once (singer sing once) and leverage on the network (the board cast station) to earn that passive income.

So as you can see from the simple example above, this is really common sense. And the best part is, does the singer keep asking you to buy their records? (o well, they may say a sentence or two) And that’s about it.

But how come they can still earn tons of money?

Passive and Network is the key.

3 thoughts on “What Has Those Singers and Network Marketing in Common?”

  1. Hey Jeff! Your headline caught my attention and I was still wondering what they have in common…until you reveal the answer!

    Yeap. Network Marketers and Singers earn passive income. They do it once, and paid multiple times! Even though I know I may not be a good singer (…like you? haha!) But i know I can, and anyone can build a passive income stream through network marketing 🙂

    I’m Lovin it!

    Ding Neng

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