What to Do Before You Look for Network Marketing Prospect

Look for Network Marketing Prospect

Most network marketers look for network marketing prospect to talk to and wondering why most prospects say no to them.

Most of the time, we came to this profession with little to no experience or knowledge. All we do is to learn what is being taught and go with it. While these are good, the result shows.

If there’s no results to show for, doing the same thing over and over again yield same results.

So here’s how not to ruin your chances of talking to prospect.

#1 – Looking for prospect to talk to is secondary.

#2 – Knowing how to really talk to prospect is primary.

See, most prospect are neutral. They don’t say yes or no till we talk to them.

If we don’t have the skill and say the wrong words even though you have the perfect opportunity or product, they will still say no.

Learn the skill to say the right words and it means with better words, you have an increase chance to meet up more potential prospect that they love working with you.

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