What to Do If You Have a Terrible Upline?

1st fact is not all upline is awesome.

2nd fact is not all upline are made equal.

So what can you do about it or wondering how to deal with it?

Do remember that we are in people business and when you are dealing with people, there are bound to have some conflict here and there. It’s perfectly okay if you understand it. Some stories that I hear often are, my upline seem to not focus on this particular market or my upline seem not interested in working with me anymore or my upline is just plain irresponsible or my upline have no leadership or not professional.

Well, I get that.

But playing the finger pointing game won’t get you anywhere in your business or in life. In fact, it will do you more harm than good.

So how do we handle or deal with a terrible upline?

Remember the day when you get started with your network marketing company, you are an independent distributor with that company and that also means that you are an entrepreneur holding full responsibility of your own business. You are not entering into any partnership with your upline.

He or she is there to guide you along through the system or business. And that is very naive to just base on your success solely on your upline.

So first thing first, you have to assume full responsibility.

By that means, you need to have the commitment what you first started out. Improve yourself. Read books. Plug into the events. Learn to be better.

Second thing, know where to find information.

In short, learn to be resourceful. Almost all the things you need are online. If you cannot find what you want online, go up the line in your organization until you can find one leader that you can resonate with that you can work hand in hand with.

Last but not least, plan your plan and work your plan.

Even if you assume 100% responsibility and have all the information you need but if you don’t have a plan to stick to, you will be moving backward faster than you are moving forward. So, manage your time properly. Research shows that an average employee have an estimate 30 hours free time. So how you going to use that 30 hours free time to build your business is entirely up to you.

Did you get benefit to that? Feel free to share this to someone whom you think might need it as they might need this new perspective. Remember you are the only person that can make a difference in your life.  


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