Whose Fault When Your Downline Disobey?

Well, the answer is really You. And here’s why.

You see, when your downline decides to join you that day, they already know that you can bring them to the place they want to go. And you are delighted because you have a downline who is motivated to get to the place they want to go and that you know they like, trust and love you in the first place.

Well, that is just the beginning when both of you just starting out working as a partner in a team. However as time goes by, you may see some of them are either not working or disobey your instruction. Although there are many reasons behind it, the most important one could be that they feel themselves not belonging to the group anymore.

Take note that the word feel is being use here. The reason why is because, network marketing is a human relationship business and that humans like to work in a group and the more supportive the group is the more they want to introduce others to join them too.

Now let us back up a bit and think why you are still in business and building upon each day. The primary reason is perhaps due to the fact that you want to succeed in your network marketing business; the other factor is you are in a supportive group that has been conducting weekly webinar and hosting a lot of questions and answers sessions. Naturally, you will feel a sense of belonging into the group that you belong to and willing to take all it takes to just stay for in the group as long as possible.

Now that you know the reason why you stay in that group, now why not try to emulate that kind of feeling and sense of belonging into your own team and teaches them to do likewise to develop their own team with a sense of belonging into their own team as well.

Remember that you are the leader you downline want to follow and that is precisely the fact that they know you have something in value to give them. They have evaluated you well and you have demonstrated some kind of leadership or attraction to them before joining you.

Having said all that, not all of your downline you want to help either. This is because during the your journey in network marketing, many has come and stay to become successful and some in your team will simply just drop off no matter how hard you trying to instill team spirit and foster a better working and team relationship.

If you really meet into this type of situation, just let them go and you will be glad that you do so.

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